7 Things To Remember When Buying Equipment For Your Dental Clinic

Setting up a new dental clinic is one of the most memorable moments of your life. You want your clinic to be perfect, and you want your patients to feel extremely comfortable here. Whether you are setting up a new dental clinic, or renovating your existing clinic, you need to know that your dental equipment is what makes or mars your clinic’s appearance. The money you would spend on dental equipment is quite big, and it is considered a long-term investment. So, before setting up the equipment for your dental clinic, it would be worth keeping these seven important things in mind:

1. Have the blueprint handy always

Dental equipment doesn’t come cheap; therefore, it is important to think in detail about them before investing in them. If the first question in your mind when thinking of setting up your clinic was “What equipment should I buy”, you are mistaken. Instead, the first question should have been, “Where will I place the equipment I buy in my clinic space?” 

Having a clear idea about the blueprint of your clinic will help you invest in only those pieces for which you have space. It would help if you chose equipment accordingly so that your clinic looks sophisticated, but spacious as well. Cluttering the space with too much dental equipment may make it uncomfortable for you to move around when examining patients.

2. Doing enough research

It goes without saying that you have to invest considerable time and research when buying dental equipment. Once you have narrowed down the options suitable for your space, you should research them to buy the best brand and model. The first step in this process would be asking for recommendations from other dentists in your area. You can ask them for references of certain brands, and you can also personally visit their clinics to assess their equipment to get an idea while setting up your clinic.

When looking for specific brands of dental equipment or furniture, make sure you check their online reviews. Know what customers tell about them, how the brands responded to issues, after-sales service, etc. This will help you choose only those brands that are reliable, and stay away from the ones that don’t satisfy their customers.

3. Making a difference to yourself and your patients

How will your purchase make a difference to yourself and your patients? This is one of the first questions that should form in your mind when buying dental equipment. Will the new equipment help you stand out from your competitors? Will it make your clinic look sophisticated so that patients feel confident to enter inside? Will the equipment help to improve your capabilities and quality of service? Is your equipment trendy enough to have apps that customers can use to manage appointments, view prescriptions and keep track of their progress? These are some questions that you should ask yourself before investing in dental equipment to be promised good returns. 

4. Budget should be your priority

Today, there is quite a lot of dental equipment available in varying price ranges. They also come with different shelf lives. Almost all dental equipment pieces are very costly; therefore, it is a good decision to review each one of them to compare their price against their shelf life. When setting up a new dental clinic, or renovating an old clinic, it is not mandatory to buy new equipment only. Sometimes, hiring them can be a smarter and more affordable decision. Having a clear budget plan on hand will help you take this decision smartly, without overspending in any department.

5. Using a business loan to buy equipment is the best idea

More often than not, many businesses cannot succeed due to some wrong decisions taken right at the start. Deciding on the source of funds to buy dental equipment is one decision that has to be taken right in the beginning. Many people use all or a part of their working capital to invest in new dental equipment. However, this doesn’t seem right, and can affect your liquidity badly in the long run.

Financial business advisors always recommend people to approach for a business loan to buy equipment like tools & furniture for their business. You can pay off the loan in equal monthly installments with the help of money you earn through your equipment. You can use your working capital to take care of the day-to-day expenses of your clinic (such as paying off salaries, utility bills, repairs & maintenance costs, etc.), instead of using it for investing in equipment.

6. Checking the quality personally

When buying dental chairs or stools, for example, you should sit on them to know if they are comfortable. Are they ergonomically designed? Do you feel any neck pain or shoulder pain when using them? Are you bending down too much while using these tools? Will the patients feel comfortable when they sit on these chairs or stools? These are some points you should ponder when buying your dental clinic equipment.

Also, it would help if you never took a decision based on the cost of the equipment. Some dental equipment may appear to be priced very affordably, but they may break down soon, thereby forcing you to pay a huge sum towards their repair & maintenance. So, it is always a good idea to check the quality of the equipment before getting influenced by their price.

7. Using equipment to the fullest potential

You have done all the hard work and purchased the right dental equipment for your clinic. You have done enough research to know that this equipment will help you improve your capabilities and profitability. However, when the equipment stays unused, it is of no use to you. So, when buying sophisticated and costly dental equipment, you should also invest in training courses. This will help you, your assistances, hygienists and other professionals learn how to use the equipment properly and enjoy the benefits. When you learn new ways to use new equipment, it is not only a sure shot at improving your skills, but also at maximizing your returns on investment.

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