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A Guide to Create a Zoom Account and Host a Meeting

Understanding how to use Zoom is a valuable ability nowadays. Zoom is one of the most successful video conferencing apps for long-distance meetings. Zoom is especially great for virtual gatherings for those who are still socially isolated. Throughout the outbreak, video conferencing apps like Zoom have proven quite useful. They allow businesses to continue operations while also holding virtual meetings with customers and team members. Zoom allows instructors to deliver classes to students via the Internet. Mastering Zoom has also become essential for bringing faraway friends and relatives together for social occasions such as happy hours and weddings.

Zoom has been utilized by businesses for many years, but its recent climb to market domination has driven rivals such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype to swiftly develop new features in order to compete. Zoom is available on a range of devices, and Zoom for Home will soon be available on smart displays such as the Amazon Echo Show, Facebook Portal, and Google Nest Hub Max. To stay connected at home, use Zoom on your iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac laptop. 

Getting started with Zoom:

Before you can use Zoom, make sure you have a webcam.

Zoom is compatible with both mobile and desktop computers. You don’t need to worry about this since smartphones and tablets already have front-facing cameras. The same is true for laptop computers.

If you have a desktop computer or want better video quality on your laptop, you’ll need to get a webcam. Popular options include the Logitech C310 and the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000.

How to sign up for Zoom and choose a plan

After you have prepared your webcam, you must register for Zoom by going to the Zoom website.

If you are an individual or just require video conferencing on occasion, the free Zoom Basic service enables you to talk with up to 100 people and have an unlimited number of one-on-one sessions. It should be noted, however, that group sessions are limited to forty minutes. Check out our Zoom vs. Google Hangouts comparison to discover how Zoom compares to a video call service that does not have time limits.

Zoom also offers a number of alternatives for enterprises who want additional capabilities. These subscriptions start at $15 per month for Zoom Pro, which includes a 24-hour presentation option and user management, and go up to $20 per month for Zoom Business, which permits meetings with 300 people.

Clients must contact Zoom sales to join up for the version for large businesses. For additional details, see our Zoom vs. Google Hangouts comparison.

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Getting Zoom software:

You will be taken through the process of downloading the client software after entering your email address and password at my account. Once again, the application you’ll need to download Zoom will be determined by the device you’re trying to use.

When you are presented with your account page, pick the Resources option at the top of the screen to identify the necessary Zoom client. After selecting your operating system (Windows or Mac), download the Zoom client.

Make care to keep the client software up to date. Not all updates are automatic, even when they address security or privacy issues. Certain upgrades may need you to download them straight from the Zoom website. If you have a mobile device, you can get the Zoom app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Skipping Zoom software

Zoom is not required to be installed on a desktop or laptop computer. All you need is a web browser. When you get an invitation to a Zoom meeting, click on the meeting URL in the invitation. A new tab will open in your preferred web browser, and the meeting will be transferred to the application if the desktop client program is installed.

If you do not already have the desktop client application, the Zoom browser window will invite you to download it. Ignore this suggestion and read the fine print below: “If you are unable to download or run the application, please join via your browser.” A login meeting page will load when you click the highlighted text in “join from your browser.” Join the meeting by signing in with your name at sign in.

How to host a meeting on Zoom

You’ll need to learn how to set up a Zoom conference after downloading the Zoom program on your selected device. Access your sign in account. At that time, you will be able to schedule a meeting. Simply click the “Schedule a New Meeting” button and enter the meeting date, attendees, and other information.

Zoom will then supply you with participant login information as well as the option for participants to link in through the app or their mobile devices. Surprisingly, the login page has a quick sign-in option for mobile users. As a result, if a call participant does not have Zoom, they may just phone the Zoom number and Zoom will automatically log them in by inputting their meeting ID and other important information.

How to join a meeting on Zoom

If you get an invitation from a Zoom user but are not a member, you may simply join through phone as described above. You may also attend video meetings by downloading a Zoom browser-based thin client.

Because you already have the Zoom software on your smartphone, you may quickly attend a meeting by entering the Meeting ID supplied by the host. Zoom also creates unique URLs for each of its meetings to make navigating easier.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how to attend a Zoom meeting and view everyone in the grid format on Zoom.

Extra Zoom features you should try

One of the amazing things about Zoom is how many different services it provides in addition to connecting you with your team. To begin, you and other call participants may simply share your screen while using it, enabling you to illustrate a point, explain how to use certain features, and so on. Screen recording is also featured, enabling you to capture and communicate what you’re seeing to others over time.

Zoom also enables you to engage with others on the call and share files, enabling you to collaborate quickly on projects.

Zoom may divide people into their own rooms, enabling them to communicate privately and return to the main room at a later time. Users in groups may annotate screens and whiteboards at the same time.

If you’re worried about Zoom’s security, the app has 256-bit AES and SSL encryption.

Final thought:

You now know how to use Zoom Meetings, its main features, and how to start, join, and end a meeting. These are the most crucial functions and settings to be aware of, although there are many more to try.

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