A Guide To Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hair is a woman’s favorite part to flaunt and style. It gives versatility to your personality. People usually like to follow the ongoing trend and opt for what’s the most comfortable for them. Everyone wants different lengths, styles, and colors for themselves.

One product that is becoming popular nowadays is hair extensions. There are various installation techniques, like sew-ins and clip-ins, but hand tied extensions are the most popular. These wefts can add length to your hair and increase its volume. 

Getting extensions would be a great catch if you want to add instant length, bounce, and volume to your hair. There must be a lot of questions running through your mind, and this extensive guide will answer all those questions related to extensions.

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions?

In these types of extensions, the stylist joins beads on a row of your natural hair, which is quite similar to the technique of beaded weft. This process requires full detailing, which is best for people who want more length and volume. Also, this method does not put too much pressure on your hair or scalp.

What Is The Cost?

The cost of hand-tied extensions depends on your location and the objective of getting the extensions. Apart from this, the cost starts from $200 approx. But the cost of the hair is not included in this price. If you need to increase the volume, you might need around 5-9 wefts; if you have fragile tips, you might need about 10-11 wefts. Maintenance costs are typically a small investment over time. It starts at $100 to move a column up; the price goes up based on how many columns need to be adjusted.

Are They Suitable For All Types Of Hair?

Hand tied extensions work best for people with wavy or straight hair as the beads can be laid on the scalp, and the detangling part will be easy and close to the roots. For people with curly textured hair, it is recommended that they get sewn-in wefts, as curly hair can get tangled easily and might lead to problems while combing them.

How Are The Extensions Attached?

It is suggested that one should get them done by a professional stylist as they know how to work with all hair types.

You can figure it out at your house, but it would be best to leave the main work to the pro. A hairstylist is certified in their work and will blend your natural hair with the extensions so that they look perfect and do not look like you have extensions. They know how many wefts you might need and choose the best method according to your hair type. A pro ensures they look amazing, last longer, and keep the hair healthy and bouncy.

Can They Stay On Your Hair For Long?

If you want your extensions to stay extended, you must ensure that you take care of them very well. Mostly, hand-tied extensions remain for about five to eight weeks before you might need a redone.

But this might also depend on the growth and how well you take care of your hair. The extensions must last long if they are taken care of properly, and then you can use them for five to eight months. 

It would help if you kept your scheduled regular appointments in mind, so your scalp does not get damaged. If they are moved up and removed during the correct time zone, the tension will be less when your hair grows. 

Always get high-quality products, especially shampoo and conditioner. Your hair products should not have sulfates, and always use a heat protectant when you wish to style using a straightener or a curler.


These are all the essential questions that arise in the minds of people who wish to get hand-tied hair extensions. It would help if you learned everything about it from a professional stylist and then went for what suits you the best. Your hair also needs nutrients from the inside, so eat healthy food and engage in physical activities.

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