AdvancedMD EMR Vs. CareLogic EMR: A Complete Review

Both of the software are extremely effective at performing EMR functions. They have positioned themselves at a very favorable place with they have a good number of customers. They don’t really have to do a lot of marketing and can focus more on the usability aspect of the software. Like the things their customers find not so attractive or the things they wish were present.

AdvancedMD EMR Features

AdvancedMD is a cloud-based EMR software which has advanced integrated medical notepad feature. It is very flexible in terms of its operation. The features that are packed into it are suitable for practices of all sizes or specialties. AdvancedMD EMR is designed so it can be used while being mobile. The software can be easily installed on any desktop environment and there is also an app for the phone. The medical facility that is using this software can increase its practice traffic and make more revenue without needing to sacrifice the quality of care. AdvancedMD EMR software also has a unified suite of solutions that are imbedded into the it and are great for mental and physical therapy practices. Independent physicians can also use this software for their practices. The features of this software work together to automate medical practice workflows which make the life of its user a lot easier.

Some of the key features of AdvancedMD:

  • Self Service Portal.
  • Compliance Tracking.
  • E-Prescribing.
  • Patient Records Management.
  • Treatment Planning.
  • Patient Scheduling.
  • Handwriting Recognition.
  • Charting.

AdvancedMD EMR Demo: How to Request It?

Requesting a demo is very intuitive and effortless. All the customer has to do is go to the company’s website and fill out a simple form that requires some basic information. Afterwards the sales representative will contact the customers and inform them about the features of the software. There is no free trial being offered to the customers. But the customer can get a very idea of the software from the demo.

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing: How to Get The Best Deal?

The company does not openly mention the pricing on their website. The customer has to fill out certain details and then the price is calculated. They offer the software in two packages with different feature sets, one lower tier and the other is higher tier. The customer can also refer to any third vendor to get a quote on the pricing. There is no free version of the software that’s being offered.

How Do AdvancedMD EMR Reviews Look?

The software is very well reviewed on the internet and offer very in detail pointers about the software. The software is rated 3.5\5 at based on ‎422 reviews. It is also rated 3.9\5 based on ‎190 user votes.

CareLogic EMR Outline

CareLogic is a web-based EMR software that is owned by Qualifacts, it is sometimes referred to as CareLogic Qualifacts. It is designed completely for mental health and human services organizations. The software is very configurable and empowers health care professionals with a suite of solutions that aid in clinical, administrative, and financial capabilities. The scheduling is so intuitive and very easy to use. The software can provide favorable client outcomes due to the fact that the software uses clinical inclusions that are designed to extend the reach of service. It also increases staff efficiency and productivity as it is very easy to use and can be integrated with their operational workflows. The software can also be utilized on the move as it has phone apps available on various platforms. The operation of the software is easy due to the configurability aspect of it. CareLogic Enterprise is a sister software that also deals with health care. But that is mostly designed to serve small businesses or startups and comes in a web app format.

Some of the key features of Qualifacts CareLogic:

  • Employee Management.
  • E-Prescribing.
  • Initial Assessments.
  • Confirmation/Reminders.
  • Document Management.
  • Case Management.
  • Reporting & Statistics.
  • Training Management.

CareLogic EMR Demo: How to Request It?

Requesting the demo from the Carelogic is very easy and straightforward. All the customer has to do is go onto the company website and fill out a simple form that asks for very basic information. Afterward the company’s sales representative will contact the customer and inform them about the features if the software is the right fit for the customer. The company does not offer any free trial for the software. So the customer has to make do with the demo of the software when it comes to getting familiarized with it.

CareLogic EMR Pricing: How to Get the Best Deal?

The company does not offer the pricing on their website. Which is a part of their pricing and marketing strategy. The customers can go onto any third-party vendor and ask for a pricing quote for the software. There is not free versions of the software being offered.

CareLogic EMR Reviews: How do They Look?

The software is very well reviewed on the internet and has reviews that are quite informative and useful. The software is rated at 4\5 at based on ‎346 user reviews. It is also rated 3.9\5 at based on ‎346 user votes.

Major Shortcoming of Each Software

AdvancedMD EMR:

  • The implementation of the software is a hassle.
  • The software is overpriced.
  • Customer support could be better because it is unresponsive.
  • Sometimes the software suffers glitches and freezes.
  • There are some features that are lacking functionality.

CareLogic EMR:

  • There is a limit to the reporting feature.
  • The upgrades are slow to come and install.
  • The ticketing feature is not responsive and difficult to use.
  • The software does freeze sometimes and things shut down.
  • The interface is a bit intimidating to new users.

Future Prospects of Each Software

CareLogic EMR and AdvancedMD EMR are both on a very good path to success and are promising great returns on their investments. Both are trying to make more profit and gather more customers. Both are expanding their operations all over the globe.


Both software are very good at doing EMR tasks, so it is up to the customer to make the decision on which software fulfills their needs and requirements. Which comes within their budgetary constraints and is a viable option for long term use. In the end choose the software best fit their operational mold.

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