An Essential Guide To The Seven Bays Of Padstow

Cornwall is a beautiful country to spend holidays in the southwestern tip of England. Among all the towns here, Padstow is worth visiting for people who love spending time in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is famous for its pretty harbor villages, lush tropical gardens, dramatic coastlines, bleak moorlands, and industrial-age relics. But the best one is the seven bays of Padstow, which is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes!

Padstow is one of the best places to explore in Cornwall, welcoming around 500,000 visitors yearly. Since it is a small town, one can hire a bike to enjoy its picturesque scenery along the Camel Trail path. It is also England’s center for exceptional seafood cuisine. There are so many places to explore along the town’s shore that it’s hard to decide where to start. But this guide will take the readers around the seven gulfs properly to let them have the best time.

Porthcothan Bay

Start the hike by visiting Porthcothan Bay, a very sheltered sandy beach, which makes it the perfect spot for swimmers. Its turquoise water is ideal for snorkeling and has plenty of crooks, crannies, and coves, making it the best location for paddle boarding.

Explorers can find a path leading up the hill to get a spectacular panorama of the coastline vista. This path splits into two. One for those who prefer walking close to the edge and the other for those who like being safe.

Treyarnon Bay

After enjoying the coves, head to Treyarnon Bay for bodyboarding in its shallow waters. But the south border sometimes experiences dangerous rip tides, so be cautious.

It is an ideal option among families due to its meals, drink facilities and location from parking. It has a natural tidal pool to swim in the sun on the cliffs.

Constantine Bay

Next is Constantine Bay, a preferable location for experienced surfers. It has a staircase at the other end to take people back up and onto the path. Walking up to the beach is recommended instead of driving to see fantastic sunsets.

Booby’s Bay

This bay is named after the booby bird that lives in this area, but it is not a regular sighting. Due to the low tides here, amateur surfers can practice their skills while avoiding the rocks.

Mother Ivey’s Bay

The next destination is this mysterious cove named after a white wizard who cursed the ground. It is a beautiful location to tour and explore the Merope Rocks year-round, providing excellent refuge from the breeze.

Harlyn Bay

This bay is ideal for spending time on this sandy beach, which is excellent for taking photos, surfing lessons, and enjoying delicious truck meals.

Trevone Bay

From Harlyn Bay, walk along the shore to reach the beautiful village of Trevone. It is the ideal place to have a warm cup of tea and unwind after visiting all the seven bays of Padstow. It is one of the best holiday havens in Cornwall to spend family time because of its breathtaking views, seafood, cafes, and bars. The fishing town is one of the special interests of the North Coast and is ideal for spending time distant from the crowd.

Parting Thoughts

Whether someone wants to visit this beautiful town for holidays or settle after retirement, it offers everything. From basic amenities to transportation facilities, Padstow has all the facilities one needs to sustain. To top it off, it provides its residents with the pleasure of a peaceful life with millpond views, winding forest trails, and hidden valleys to spend time away from bustling towns.

Hopefully, this blog helps people wishing to enjoy quality time in nature because Padstow is the best place to visit during vacations.

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