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Concrete Driveway Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners

Would you like to know how to care for a concrete driveway?

Upgrading your driveway with concrete is an excellent upgrade for your home. They’re built to last and endure many years of wear and tear.

Many of these homeowners, however, aren’t sure what it is they have to do to look after concrete surfaces. Luckily, we have created this handy guide to help you care for your driveway.

Read on to learn more about the concrete driveway maintenance checklist.

Sealing Your Concrete Driveway

Homeowners should take an active role in protecting their concrete driveway by following a maintenance checklist. Sealing your driveway is one of the most critical steps.

Generally, it is recommended that you reseal your driveway every two to four years (or as needed). Allow the concrete sealer to dry fully before allowing anyone to drive or walk on the surface.

Ensure that you select the best paver sealer specifically designed for concrete use and is made to fight against harsh winter conditions and sun exposure during the summer months. Proper sealing ensures that your driveway looks great and is protected no matter what time of year.

Common Repairs and Resurfacing

If there are any cracks or settlements, they should be repaired right away to avoid costly replacements in the future. If the surface is rough or has started to chip away, it may be time to consider resurfacing or refinishing.

Check for grass or weed growth in the cracks or edges. This must be removed in order to avoid any further damage.

Finally, regularly inspect the edges for any signs of deterioration or leaning. Ensure that there is not any overall eroding of the concrete.

Power Washing

A power wash will clean your concrete driveway and remove any tough stains or marks that weather or regular wear and tear may have caused. This will keep your driveway looking great and stop debris from building up and eroding any cracks or sides of your driveway.

When washing, using a pressure washer prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and weeds. Be sure to use a pressure washer rated for concrete.

Otherwise, you may cause more damage than good. Power washing should be done in the spring and fall months whenever temperatures are ideal for drying and cleaning your driveway.

Consider Professional Services

Professional services can identify areas most prone to cracking and other deterioration. They can quickly recommend an appropriate repair approach to badly cracked concrete driveways.

These recommendations can include sealing and sealing the drive, reducing surrounding soil levels, and maintaining weeds and other vegetation. Professional concrete driveway maintenance services can also address problems with drainage, soil compaction, and replacing patches. 

Utilize Concrete Driveway Maintenance

Homeowners need to keep up with their concrete driveway maintenance with the above checklist. Regular maintenance will ensure the driveway remains durable and damage-free for many years.

Consider regularly checking your driveway and using the above checklist to ensure it remains safe and secure. Contact a trusted concrete contractor for any repairs or more detailed maintenance.

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