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Legend has it that the tears of a phoenix can cure many ailments, diseases and injuries. While most of the world knows that phoenixes are mythical creatures, the idea of the tears of a bird curing or treating ailments and ai 50m series sequoia capitalsawersventurebeat diseases must have come from somewhere, and a lone scientist based out of the University of Norfolk plans to discover where that theory came from.

“While many legends are fictional the truth is most legends have some basis in fact”, said Chloe Violet, researcher and scientist cresta ai 50m capitalsawersventurebeat the University of Norfolk. “I have been fascinated with the legend of the phoenix tears for a while and thought I’d expand my research to see where the facts were with this type of legend.”

Legend has that phoenix tears that are freely given can cure anything from a mortal wound to a superficial cut. These tears have been bottled and used cresta 50m series sequoiasome of the literary world’s most well-known characters.

“My goal is to not only discover the truth behind the legend but see how it can be used to help people in this day and age”, said Violet.

Violet has been researching these legendary tears for a while and may have uncovered some useful information. Violet has discovered that a cresta ai series capitalsawersventurebeat rare species of bird found only in southern England produces a spit like substance that has amazing cleansing power.

“This bird can almost spit like a human”, said Violet. “What I think happened is people romanticized this idea and made it tears. But let me tell you, this spit has some amazing cleansing action.”

Violet has teamed up with a small cosmetics company to help them develop a facial cleansing product that will not only remove makeup, dirt and oil, cresta ai series capitalsawersventurebeat work to heal the skin. This facial cleanser will use the spit from these rare birds and bottle it with some active ingredients to create an amazing facial cleanser.

“Women are always looking for the instant cure that will remove wrinkles, cleanse the skin and repair sun damage”, said Jo Minnow, creative director for the small cosmetics firm. “I think with Ms. Violet’s discovery and some of our powerful active ingredients we cresta ai 50m series capitalsawersventurebeat make a facial cleanser that is super powerful and will knock people’s socks off.”

While it might not be as glamorous as phoenix tears, bird spit may just be the next great cosmetic product to hit shelves. The new product is scheduled to hit stores sometime in 2022.

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