Essential Items to Acquire When you Bring a Puppy Home

Now that you have given in to the kids about getting a dog, you will no doubt be looking online at suitable breeds. Some people would say that you should adopt from a dog rescue and who are we to argue? Every dog deserves a second chance, indeed, many of the dogs in a rescue facility did nothing wrong, rather their owner was not prepared as the dog became adult size.

Regardless of whether you go to a breeder or a rescue facility, there are specific items that every dog owner needs.

  • Feeding & water bowl – We recommend stainless steel, which are safe and durable. You can save a little money by buying adult size and these items should always be in the same place. 
  • Leash & collar – Have your mobile phone number engraved on a steel plate on the collar, which will eventually need replacing for a larger one. Either that or order a dog ID tag from an online supplier. Most dog owners prefer the long leash that lets out at the press of a button. You can buy these at Animal Tracks Veterinary Clinic, where they have a range of dog items including dog crates and grooming items.
  • Healthy food & treats – Go to a nearby pet store and buy good quality dried dog food that is specifically for puppies (first 3 months). Regarding treats, these should be used when training your puppy, given as a reward for positive behaviour. 
  • Chewing toys – Puppies will chew, so to save your shoes and slippers, buy a variety of good quality chewy toys. Keep them in his bed and whenever he fancies cutting his teeth, he knows where they are. Don’t be surprised if he hides these in different places, as this is natural for dogs. Click here for dog potty training tips.
  • Bed – There are many great doggy beds available online and we recommend buying one that accommodates your dog when fully grown, even though it might seem huge for a small puppy. 
  • Register with a local vet – It is essential that you register the puppy with your local vet, who can also examine him and put a microchip under the skin, which is a legal requirement. 

It is advisable to start puppy training as soon as possible; a Google search will reveal the location of local puppy training classes. Pet registration can be done online and we recommend that you do this as soon as you take ownership of the puppy.

Mark Root

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