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In a press interview in New Orleans, Henderson says, ‘while most photographers claim of being professional, unfortunately, not all can satisfy you with the standard of photographs you are looking for. He continues, ‘the basic reason behind this is the lack of knowledge base, technical issues, and ideas in terms of lighting, background, and timing. ‘These are the most vital things that contribute to photography’.

Press: Do you specialize in Party events photography?

Henderson: Well, It may seem a hyperbole, if I say, that I am known in the industry as a specialized New Orleans party photographer. I would request my current as well as prospective clients to simply have a glance at the Gallery section on my website. On clicking the Gallery, it will get you the list of areas that I specialize in. Whether you need, commercial photos, headshots, portraits, or events, press the theme and you will view and evaluate what is called class in photography.

Press: As a professional photographer, what kind of challenges do you face during photography?

Henderson: This is really a great question? In fact, in the beginning, it was truly a nerve-racking experience for me especially when I was called to take photography of events. In fact, this could be challenging to most beginners, however, by using your brilliance one can overcome them down the line

Press: Can you give some tips for those newcomers in the trade.

Henderson: first of all, if you are intended to capture party photography New Orleans LA, make sure to arrive at the venue earlier as it offers you the opportunity to take the best snapshots of the decorations, the cake, and dishes of foods before the guests start reaching there.

Secondly, you need to remember that photography of a party happens to be a lot of fun but fairly challenging. There are many unpredictable things that may come up in the continuation of the party, so you should be properly fitted with all the necessary tools.

The professional exemplifies a situation that in maximum party events a photographer may need to shoot in low lighting at the night time. So, anticipating the ambiance, you need to adjust the things like the aperture of your camera and shutter speed to get the desired level of photographs.

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