First Team Inc. Features Competition Level Volleyball Equipment

First Team Sports, Inc., a full line manufacturer of indoor and outdoor volleyball equipment, is featuring a product line consisting of competition level equipment for professional volleyball players. Among the mix are complete volleyball systems, nets, padding, judges’ stands, and even portable volleyball systems with portable volleyball poles.

The quality of the equipment is among the best in the industry. With the consumer in mind, the outdoor volleyball equipment and the indoor volleyball equipment deliver performance and functionality. All of the sets can be adjusted up and down for any type of net games. First Team Sports volleyball products are great for use whether in commercial park settings, beaches, backyards, and even indoor venues such as high school gyms and sporting arenas.

Competition Volleyball Systems

First Team, Inc. produces three types of indoor competition volleyball poles:

1. Frontier System – This type of system has steel poles which allow for bowstring tight net tensioning.
2. Astro System – This type is manufactured from aluminum so the components are lightweight and easy to transport.
3. Galaxy System – This system is made from titanium, giving the equipment the rigidity of steel, but the lightweight benefits of aluminum.

Recreational Volleyball Systems

First Team, Inc. also manufactures three types of recreational volleyball sets:

1. Blast System – This system is made with steel posts and is perfect for grass or sand courts, and also allows for net adjustments.
2. Spectrum System – This type of set is made from aluminum and may be used indoors and outdoors, and is also excellent for set-ups that need net adjustments.
3. Quickset System – This offers quality net play and a quick installation without the use of hazardous guy-wires.

Portable Volleyball Systems

There are basically two types of portable volleyball systems available from First Team, Inc. For competition level volleyball, the Horizon is the best suited set. For recreational volleyball levels, the Rolla Blast is often the best choice. Both of these portable sets have the option for the judges’ stand.

To learn more about the professional volleyball equipment provided by the manufacturer, check out the website for detailed product information on all available volleyball paraphernalia.

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