How CBD Oil Is Useful For Dogs With Seizures

It might be painful to witness your dog having a seizure. The minor signs of seizures include staring, a confused expression, whining, jerking, heavy breathing, or rapid eye movements. Furthermore, seizures can be distressingly severe, leading to uncontrollable convulsions, trembling, and even losing consciousness. 

CBD oil must be your first choice if you want to add a natural medicine to the treatment you’re giving your dog. Cannabis sativa contains cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive substance that has been demonstrated to have anticonvulsant effects.

When given the correct CBD oil dosage for dog seizures, it helps become less frequent and allows your dog to live a healthy life. 

How Does CBD Help Dogs With Seizure?

It functions by engaging with the endocannabinoid system. A network of many receptors makes up the endocannabinoid system, which maintains and controls biological activities. Endacannoboindis keep the internal environment steady and in a state of equilibrium. When your dog suffers a seizure, his internal environment is disturbed, creating an imbalance. 

So, when you administer CBD oil to your pet, the Phytocannabinoids present in it assist in reestablishing balance. CBD supplements and oils can control hyperactive neurons. It can help reestablish homeostasis when a body’s neurological system has been damaged by disease, injury, or illness. 

CBD Dosage

To lessen the frequency of seizures, you can regularly give this oil to your dog. Usually, providing the correct dosage is the most effective way to get relief. The dosage can differ significantly from one condition to the next. Remember that it has no toxicity and that it is possible to overdose on it. The amount of CBD oil dosage for dog seizures depends on his size. Smaller dogs need lower doses, while larger dogs need higher doses to feel the effects. Based on your dog’s weight, you can determine it.

How To Give CBD To Dogs?

There are numerous practical types of CBD for dogs, such as oil, pills, tablets, etc. You can administer the oil straight into the mouth using a dropper bottle and add them to food or treats. Another way is to rub them inside the ears or on the skin; you can also put a drop on your dog’s paw so that he can lick it off. For the best chance of providing the top treatment, be sure that the product you purchase has undergone laboratory testing.

Efficiency In Treating Seizures

The outcomes of using CBD to treat pet seizure disorders are pretty encouraging. Its usefulness in treating canine epilepsy is being studied by the American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation. In their initial study, scientists discovered that it helped 89% of dogs experience fewer seizures on average.

Additional Benefits

Apart from helping with seizures, it also has some additional benefits too:

  • CBD relieves joint pain. It is a safe, natural anti-inflammatory that doesn’t have the same adverse effects. 
  • For dogs, cancer poses a serious health risk, particularly if they get chemotherapy or radiation treatment. CBD destroys cancer cells, and it has the power to activate the immune system, producing cells that kill them.
  • Dog owners frequently use it to treat anxiety. As CBD can assist in regulating serotonin, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Serotonin controls mood, social interaction, appetite, sleep, and digestion.


The CBD’s ability to minimize seizures and lessen their adverse effects is excellent because seizures are frightening. As much as CBD aids seizure control, it’s also critical to ensure your dog eats a balanced and appropriate diet. It is preferable to feed your dog food balanced with the macro- and micronutrients it needs.

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