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How to Create a New Email Account

Microsoft Outlook is a terrific email tool that comes with Microsoft Office, but it is not free. If you want an email with some of the same functionality as Outlook but at a cheaper cost, consider establishing a free outlook email create account.

Outlook com sign up is a free web-based email service that includes a number of handy features. If you are already familiar with Microsoft Outlook and are looking for a new, low-cost web-based email service, consider If MS Office compatibility is required, it is also a good choice for an email service.

In this course, you’ll learn about the advantages of using an email account. You may learn how to sign up for a new outlook email create account by watching our quick video and following our extensive written instructions.

5 Advantages of Free Email provides a variety of email services. Here are a few of the useful features you could come across:

  • Focused Inbox:

Use this tool to guarantee that you get only the most important email messages. Messages considered irrelevant by Outlook mail signup are forwarded to the Other tab automatically. If you get hundreds of emails every day, this capability may help you save time. If you don’t like the feature, you can turn it off.

  • Storage:

For free accounts, Outlook com sign up offers 15 GB of storage capacity. Subscribers to Office 365 (premium) receive greater email storage capacity. Microsoft’s OneDrive service also provides cloud storage for files and conversations.

  • Add-ins:

You may expand your email use by using one of the numerous available Add-ins. Add-ins are available via Microsoft Appsource or You may integrate with a variety of popular programs, like Evernote, PayPal, and FedEx, by using add-ins.

  • Dark mode:

Eye strain may be caused by bright computer and electronic device displays. You may use dark mode to lessen the brightness of your email’s background, making it easier on your eyes. Using the toggle switch in the settings, you can easily enable and off dark mode.

  • Automated bill pay reminders:

Outlook will hunt for invoice attachments in your email. It will add the bill’s due date to your calendar and send you an email two days before it is due. If you get a lot of bill notifications through email, this might be quite useful.

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How to Create a New Account

To set up your own free email account using Microsoft Outlook, follow the instructions below:

  • Start at the Outlook Sign Up Page:

To create an account, go to the URL for the Outlook sign-up page. The sign-up page looks like this: To set up an Outlook account, choose the Create a free account option.

  • Choose an Account Name and Password

At the first question that appears after the Outlook sign-up screen, provide a user name for your new email account: Enter your chosen username and then press the Next button.

Choose an easy-to-remember user name. If you want to use this email for business purposes, use a user name that sounds professional. Your desired username may already be in use. Consider an alternate technique if this is the case. You must next create a password for your new Outlook email account: Enter the password for your account. After finishing, click the Next button. Use a difficult-to-guess password to keep your account secure. This course offers helpful tips for creating safe passwords:

  • Enter Additional Details then prompts you to enter your name: Enter your first and last name. When you’re finished, press the Next button. You will be requested to submit further information: Using the down arrow to the right of the box, choose your country/region. To choose your birthday, use the down arrows next to the Month, Day, and Year columns. After finishing, click the Next button.

  • Verify That You’re a Person

You will then be prompted to input the following characters from a CAPTCHA to ensure that you are a human: Fill in the characters from the CAPTCHA picture. After finishing, click the Next button. The Welcome screen displays.

Set Up Your New Account: walks you through the account’s basic settings once you choose a username and password. To begin with, the Welcome screen: On the Welcome screen, click the arrow to the right of your name to begin setting your email. To finish account creation, you will be guided through a series of steps.

  • Choose a Language and Time Zone

The initial popup will request that you choose a language and time zone. Use the arrows to the right of the Language and Time zone files to make your choices. After you’ve made your option, click the right arrow to proceed with the Outlook email setup process.

  • Select a Theme

The following request gives you a selection of fifty topics: To choose a theme, just click on it. After you’ve made your choice, click the right arrow. The colors and style of your email are determined by the email theme you choose.

  • Add a Signature

Next the selection of a theme, a strip showing that theme will appear at the top of the following screen. The page that follows encourages you to add a signature to your email: Unless you deactivate it, the email signature you create here will appear on all messages sent from your account. Consider adding a signature based on a professional email signature template, such as those available from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, for a really professional look. Click the Insert Image button to add a graphic created from a template in a professional email. Browse to find the image for your email signature.

  • Add a Calendar

The page that follows asks you to add a calendar to your new Outlook email: To begin, choose a Local calendar, an MLB (Major League Baseball) calendar, or an MLS calendar (Major League Soccer). By choosing its icon, you may choose the kind of calendar you want. For this example, I’ll add a Major League Soccer calendar. Choose the soccer club whose calendar you wish to import into the calendar of your email account. In this case, I choose FC Dallas. When you’re finished, click the right arrow to go to the next screen. When you choose a team calendar, their games are added to your calendar.

  • Add Outlook to Your Phone

The next screen prompts you to add your new Outlook email to your mobile device: Enter your phone number and click Get app to add to your phone. You may also skip this step by clicking the right arrow.

Final thought:

You now understand the benefits of Microsoft email. You’ve also learned how to create your own Outlook email. What do you think now that you’ve set up your new email account? What are your favorite features? Please express your thoughts in the space below.

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