How To Virtual Drumming Rewards Virtual Drummers You Should Know

Percussions are among the most ancient music instruments and playing them is nothing but simple, as the musicians must have, among the other feature, a strong sense of rhythm and musicality.

Private drum lessons are quite expensive, therefore lately there is a new teaching channel, which resulted to be really appreciated by drum lovers: the Net. Online you can find many different websites which offer visitors the opportunity to access to some free- lessons, which comprehends generally videos or virtual sessions, in which the visitor can take a stab at playing virtual drums.

A website which is experiencing an incredible success in the online drumming field, is virtualdrumming.com, which is a website entirely dedicated to drum-lovers and which has two main sections: the first one is the “game section” which allows the user to play online the different sets of the virtual drums, while the second one is a didactical section, and it offers users the possibility to download for free the drum sheet music, both for beginners and for expert players, making it easier for anyone, to approach to the drum world; the music sheet of very single lesson are downloadable in a pdf format, and so can be studied and reproduced separately, even with real drums.

In particular the “Play free” section is the most appreciated by the users, who judged it as the best drum game section currently online; it is appreciated most of all by the teenagers- audience, for the incredible sound quality and the graphics, for the variety of the sets and for the absolute lack of delay in buttons reply. The didactic method used by the website is extremely clear and is ideal even for expert drummers who cannot read the music sheets, as the videos of the lesson can be delayed and re-watched in slow motion, to make even the most rapid rhythmic figures clear.

The website offers the possibility to vote your favorite drummers, and periodically adds the drum set of the most voted drummer; some of the users decide to register their performances and then to upload them on YouTube, and to promote this sharing activities, Virtual Drumming periodically rewards the most talented virtual drummers, offering them the direct linking at YouTube on virtualdrumming.com.

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