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Instagram To Get Political With D.C. Liaison

It often happens that politicians fall at the bottom of your list when it comes to must-follow personality on Instagram. This is one of the main reasons why the Facebook owned app is looking to hire someone who can assist these public figures with a variety of image crafting techniques. A few topics to cover may include proper hash tagging and which filters work best for photos of Caption Hill.

According to recent statistics, it was found that this is not the first time that a social media site has made a big push in D.C. Both Facebook and Twitter have people on the ground outreaching to the nation’s leaders effectively. Now the question arises that how will politicians use Instagram? Surprisingly, a lot like the rest of us. For instance, Speaker John Boehner joined last November. Most of his pictures consist of him meeting important people in suits and a few personal photos too. You can use a site such as to buy Instagram likes and followers online.

Mayor Cory Booker has over 27,000 followers which are too much for a politician. He has a hash tag related to him that says (#RunWithCory) and he also remembers to pose with kids.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy has the least political profiles in this bunch. A good chunk of his photos include his family and his dog. He is like your friend’s dad who posts photos from back in the day just to remind you he and his wife were hot once.

John McCain posts a lot of photos of his family vacations.

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