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Louis Van Gaal: I will leave Manchester United

3:0 victory Tottenham, van Gaal and he of United temporarily solid has League Qian four of location, can said slightly pine has breath, actually in this field game zhuiqin, van Gaal FIFA 15 Coins and he of United Regiment does not than, arsenal of rise, and Liverpool of strong chased, let van Gaal guard, this three support team in the destined to has a support will in League Qian four of compete for in the failed, van Gaal certainly not hopes became that loser.

Before the game, van Gaal said in an interview, themselves only in one case would resigned from the Manchester United manager position, that’s what players you have lost the trust and support.

“When I saw me and after a chemical reaction of the players, I had no doubts. Of course, this season we have a lot of fans and the guys performances and moments of despair, but I think we can be strong, and we are confident to grab a Buy FIFA 15 Coins Champions League place. “Van Gaal said:” I also remembers when I coached AZ Alkmaar of when, first a season I rate team got has League runner-up, second a season I got has third name, but Dang I coached team of third a season ended zhihou, we only got has 11th name, at I told I of team were, I will will resigned left here, but zhihou players were came to has I home visit I, requests I left. Senior Club and ask for me, finally, I promised them: ‘ well, I stayed. ‘ After that season, we won the League Championship. ”

“When I found out that complicates the relationship between player and coach, and that chemistry has been very bad, I would have quit. This is only my first season in the United, but we have not lost hope of winning the League and, of course, now Chelsea is more likely. Now all we can do is keep our pace, arsenal, we stay in the top four positions Cheap FIFA 15 Coins this season, was much longer than them. ”

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