Motorcycle Wraps Guide 101: Types of Motorcycle Wraps Every Biker Should Know

Serious bike riders know the importance of protecting the surface of their bikes. That means they don’t go to competitions and ride on trails with bikes looking their worst. Bikers buy and install wraps on the bikes to give them a new look that stands out and continues protecting the paint and finish. Proper repair and maintenance can help wraps serve you for the longest time possible by keeping the bike looking great and in good shape.

Motorcycle wraps come in different types to suit every bike owner. Every kind of wrap has benefits and drawbacks, depending on needs and preferences. The following are the various types of motorcycle wraps and their unique properties.

Decals and Graphics

Decals and graphics are popular options for customizing motorbikes without spending too much time and money. Motorcycle decals are pre-designed and applied on the bike’s surface. On the other hand, graphics are a bit complex and come custom-made for the bike. Notably, decals and graphics can be installed on any part of the bike and range from simple to bold designs.

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps cover specific parts of a motorbike. Most people choose them to cover the fairing and the tank. They provide a more cost-effective option than full wraps while giving the benefit of customization and paint job protection. You can choose partial wraps to add visual aspects to the bike without changing its appearance completely.

Full Wraps

Full wrap covers the whole surface of the motorcycle, including the tank, fairings, fenders, and other parts. This is normally the most preferred option since it provides full coverage and tailoring options. The good thing about full wraps is that they are the best choice for people looking to transform their motorcycle’s appearance and protect every part of the paint job.

Custom Designs

Custom-designed motorcycle wraps help create a unique appearance for the bike. These wraps are more expensive than the rest but give you the freedom to be creative. Additionally, custom designs allow you to incorporate patterns, colors, and images as you like, making them an excellent option for people with personal preferences.

Things to Consider When Choosing Motorcycle Wraps

There are various things you should keep in mind when choosing motorcycle wraps. These include:

Material. It is always advisable to choose a high-quality material that is designed for outdoor use. The material you select should resist cracking, fading, and peeling.

Purpose. Know why you want to install a motorcycle wrap and know the suitable materials to choose from. It could be for customization or protection, and each material has unique properties to meet these needs.

Design. When choosing a motorcycle wrap, you are spoiled with design options. Consider the patterns, graphics, and colors you want for your motorcycle.

Brand. It is also advisable to buy your motorcycle wraps from a trustworthy brand. Ensure you also have a professional installer to confirm the wrap is installed correctly to last for years.

In summary, these are the different types of motorcycle wraps and how they work. When choosing them, it is crucial to consider the purpose and never compromise on quality. Choose a wrap that will improve your bike’s visual appearance and serve you for the longest time possible.

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