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Networking Tips for Freelancers

Being a freelancer is a dream come true for introverts, those who like to work in their PJs, those who are night owls, and those who prefer their own company over others. There are many benefits to being your own boss, creating your own schedule, and organizing your own meetings, but it can also be much more difficult to meet people and “get yourself out there” when you have to do it off your own back.

It is essential that freelancers network to some degree to keep them in work, but even more so if they want more opportunities to work with different people, to be challenged in different ways, or to advance their business and grow their career.

That is why it is good to get to know some networking tips sooner rather than later.

See What Is Happening Locally 

If venturing out into networking territory is something that feels alien to you, then starting off small and with baby steps is usually the way to go. If you check for local networking events that spark your interest or are related to your business, you will be on home turf, so at least that will be one less thing to worry about!

There are a couple of different ways to find local networking groups, just choose what you are the most comfortable with and go from there. Don’t feel pressured to talk to anyone, but remember that everyone is there for the same reason.

Get Yourself a Hot Desk

For freelancers who know they need to network but are not so sold on the idea of going to business events, the soft launch version could be to get yourself a hot desk to work at. This is an organic way to meet others in business, either big companies or those working for themselves, without the pressure. Conversations naturally start in the shared kitchen over the kettle, and before you know it, you will be chatting with someone who knows someone who could use your services!
Hot desks are a great way to get your work done but also have access to the business world – the best of both worlds for those wanting to grow their business. Check out for hot desking options in London.

Be Consistent 

Consistency is key with most things in life if you are looking to achieve a specific goal. It takes time to build up things that are worth it, so being consistent with your networking is essential. There will be people who are interested, people who aren’t, and people who might want you for something else, but you won’t know unless you keep at it to grow your network to where you want it to be.

Get in the right mind frame and set yourself aside some time every day for the networking bits and pieces you need to do

This can include:

  • Emailing
  • Contacting previous clients
  • Contacting new clients
  • Posting content
  • Scheduling and taking meetings
  • Plans for what you need to do next 

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