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One of Nick Hege’s values is to help the community around him. Helping or participating within your community can be performed in many small ways. Nick Heeg has tried to help within his community in several ways throughout his life. While Nick Heeg is still a young man in his 20’s he cares greatly for others. Part of that is just Nick Hege’s own personality and some if it may come from how he was raised.

Nick Heeg was raised in a religious family with strong Christian values. He is also a graduate from Charlotte Catholic High School from Charlotte, North Carolina. Nick Heeg was raised to be a responsible adult and his parents expressed that belief even when he was a teenager, leading Nick Heeg to hold at least one job since he was 16 years old. His years of working were because his “parents instilled that having a job and learning the responsibilities of being an independent person build good character by serving society.”

This led Nick Heeg to trying to serve his community as much as possible through his work and through community work. Nick Heeg had even performed volunteer work when he was in high school by volunteering at the Nevada Cancer Institute. His volunteer work was noted and thanked in their 2004 winter newsletter where Nick Heeg along with other volunteers had been thanked by name for their hours of service.

Nick Heeg even participated in a community event just recently in April of 2012 when he participated in a half marathon in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The half marathon called the Charlotte Racemes Half Marathon had 1136 participants and Nick Heeg is proud of his placement of 969 with a time of 1 hour and 23 minutes. His participation in the half marathon was just another way for Nick Heeg to participate in his community even though it was more for fun and involvement than any service.

Nick Heeg is proud to help his community in whatever way he can whether it is through work or community involvement. And if you have any questions for Nick Heeg regarding his past community involvements you can address questions to: 5328 Allison Ln, Charlotte, South Carolina 29466.

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