Sammy EHR VS TheraNest EHR – Perks, Demo, Pricing 2022!

Better, more efficient, and more up-to-date medical treatment for patients and medical professionals is impossible without electronic medical records (EMR or electronic health records (EHR). Many people are trying to decide between Sammy EHR and TheraNest EHR, but they get stuck in the middle. Adopting this cutting-edge technology is a significant recommendation from medical experts and advisory groups for creating a healthcare system that truly helps people. However, electronic health records and electronic medical record systems have many more advantages that are not only limited to eliminating paper records.

When this occurs, some of the best medical healthcare systems include Sammy EHR and TheraNest EHR.

TheraNest EHR and Sammy EHR are much discussed among healthcare institutions, and this article seeks to compare and contrast the two. The purpose is to help you by presenting the perks of Sammy EHR and TheraNest EHR. Also, their reviews can facilitate an idea of their customer feedback.

TheraNest EHR & Its Over View:

Psychologists, therapists, and social workers can benefit from TheraNest EHR practice management features. It can be used by individuals, mediums, large groups, charities, and schools. Its calendar, invoicing, payment, and statement processing capabilities and limitless file storage are excellent tools for streamlining any business. Client portals, telehealth, practice calendars, appointment reminders, and payment processing are part of the package.

TheraNest EHR provides private and public companies of all sizes with secure, scalable, and HIPPA-compliant virtualized mental health systems. TheraNest offers electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) apps for both iOS and Android. There is a client portal, treatment appointments, DSM/ICD codes, patient records, care planning, and discharge notes in TheraNest EHR. In addition, we may create fonts specifically for your needs.

TheraNest convenient features come with such as:

  • electronic signature 
  • collecting and payment card processing
  • accessible customer service via phone and email
  • Client Portal
  • Telehealth

Perks of TheraNest EHR:

  • TheraNest EHR is an electronic health record system that facilitates the management and storage of patient records, including but not limited to diagnosis, personal details, and patient and treatment history. Allows customers limitless space to upload documents, including insurance cards, driver’s licenses, and more.
  • User-generated therapy notes, including progress notes, care plans, initial evaluations, and more, are all available in TheraNest EHR. It provides the option for multiple signatories on a document. Therapists can brand their PDF client summaries with their logos and then share them electronically. Allows for review by higher-ups, push notifications when notes need to be approved, and digital signature capture from practitioners and patients.
  • Payouts to patients can be expedited with the help of TheraNest EHR by streamlining the billing and claims procedures involved. Invoice and statement batches can be generated and sent via email or printed for use in submitting claims. With the TheraNest EHR systems, payments can be made using a credit card, and the batch statement application procedure can be sped up. Produce payroll invoices for the staff.
  • Data and medication accessing histories, electronic prescriptions of controlled substances (EPCS), drug warnings, and treatment support are all features of TheraNest EHR. It allows tracking medications, requesting refills, and creating new prescriptions.

TheraNest EHR Pricing:

TheraNest EHR pricing, with a starting price of $39 per month with up to 30 active clients, offers many of the same features as its competitors, such as scheduling, claim, workforce management, and treatment planning administration. TheraNest’s telemedicine sessions cost extra, ranging from $12 monthly for each therapist. You may try the software for free for a 21-day trial or check out the TheraNest EHR demo.

Sammy EHR and Its Details:

Sammy EHR is an all-inclusive software package for podiatry clinics of any size wishing to maintain their own electronic health records. The company has been around for almost 30 years and offers services using cutting-edge technology that sets it apart from the competition. This virtualized EHR system allows users to streamline operational and medical processes by connecting with a practice management tool.

Sammy EMR promises its comprehensive health software solutions will increase productivity and decrease complexity. Sammy EHR’s wealth of useful features and customization possibilities streamlines clinical workflow. Health records, statistics, and images may all be stored conveniently and then imported or exported to charting.

Sammy EHR monitors changes and actions, keeping users updated and providing insight into who made edits or deletions to their medical information.

The following are examples of the crucial functions it provides:

  • Electronic Medical Records 
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Claims Clearinghouse

Sammy EHR also features several additional high-quality services to ensure that all your medical operations, documentation, and other tasks run as smoothly and quickly as possible. Sammy EHR consistently receives high marks above and above four stars in a validated user review system. Sammy’s adjustable standing in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) market is evidenced by the value and utility it has provided consumers throughout the years.

Perks of Sammy EHR:

  • The Sammy EHR system enables doctors to electronically send prescriptions to their patients, who may pick up their medications in a more streamlined manner. It also allows you to verify these prescriptions online, saving time by eliminating the need to hand-deliver individual patients’ medical records.
  • Sammy EHR dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of virtually all practice-related tasks. Log in to get all the necessary medical information for a specific purpose. And because it is HIPAA-compliant, your documentation is safe, and patient privacy is protected.
  • It is easy to create clinical notes with Sammy EHR. With the help of the automatically produced input tool, you won’t have to keep reading through the same information each and every time. Alternatively, you can click once to replay the last musical note instantly. This efficient method of checking your work for faults will help you complete tasks more quickly and accurately.

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Sammy EHR Pricing:

Sammy EHR falls on the middle tier in terms of affordability. The system costs $359 per month per subscriber. Reviewers agree that, for the price, the software provides excellent value, particularly as podiatry-specific software. However, by filling out the Sammy EHR demo form, you can witness a demonstration of this software in action. However, there is no risk-free way to try out Sammy EHR.

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