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Toy manufactures are always looking for inspiration. They are, like most businesses, are looking for the next big thing and to find it they are increasingly turning sec 40mtakahashiventurebeat pc rahul sood labs parents. However, getting their feedback can be quite difficult and time consuming.

The majority of the feedback toy manufacturers get is naturally from people who are not happy with their products. Very few consumers write to a manufacturer to tell them how happy they are with a product and if they actually do so, they voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat pc rahul sood irreverent rarely explain in much detail why they liked it. However, when someone has a problem with a product they will often write to a manufacturer.

They are often quite detailed about what is wrong sec voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat rahul sood labs a product. Whilst negative feedback is useful, on one level, in that it gives producers to refine their products and make them better it does not tell the whole story.

Businesses, like Galt educational toys, need to know what people like, why they like it and, most importantly, what they are looking for from future products. To get this feedback manufacturers are increasingly turning voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat rahul sood irreverent labs social media.

Every week a party is held on Twitter and Facebook voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat pc rahul sood irreverent parents and their children called Play Fest. It is all about toys. The party is where an increasing number of toy manufacturers are turning for feedback and trying out new ideas and products. It is somewhere for manufacturers and parents to interact with each other it is not a sales platform, which is why it works so well.

Galt Toys engage with their clients

Firms like Galt Toys get the chance to hold their own Play Fest. Galt voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat pc rahul sood irreverent toys have a good reputation and are already popular with all kinds of families. Parents are very keen to give their children the best and that includes the best toys. sec voodoo 40mtakahashiventurebeat pc rahul sood. They love the idea of their children learning while they play. Galt knows which of their toys sell well, but they do not really know which ones kids really love and play with. Getting this missing part of the jigsaw will help Galt to develop even better educational toys.

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