Top Careers with Masters of Visual Arts

Masters of Visual Arts or more uniquely known as MVA is one of the most popular courses in the field of visual arts. In this course, students get extensive knowledge in areas like painting, theater, sculpture, photography, and many more. This course primarily helps the candidates to secure advanced skills in this field and even the course is framed in that way so the creative skills inside the individuals get boosted.

Many of the candidates who aspire to take up visual arts in their degree course and even as a career, also have this subject in the ERP in schools, significantly in the higher secondary. Visual Art is indeed a wonderful line to choose for having an excellent career. And even in the present era, opportunities in this field are increasing.

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career by having this degree of master of visual arts is assured to get an excellent salary, get established, and earn popularity in society, along with prestige, only if he or she works hard with dedication. You can either work as a freelancer by having this degree or can also work in a reputed organization. What are the top careers you can attain with a master of visual arts? Check it in the sections below.

Multimedia Programmer

One of the dream jobs that millions of people aspire to attain with a degree in Masters of Visual Arts is Multimedia Programmer. Multimedia Programmers use their creativity as well as the technical ability for producing different types of marketable digital products: mobile apps, Flash-based websites, interactively animated films, etc. 

They are also engaged in working with different types of multimedia features and are also similar to the usage of sound, text, graphics, animation, digital photography, 2D/3D modeling, as well as video. They are significantly regarded as the backend of websites or even in the creation of any computer program. The average annual salary of a multimedia programmer is between INR 5 lacs and 6 lacs. 

Fine Artist

One of the promising job options that will first strike your mind with having a degree of MVA or Masters of Visual Arts is becoming a Fine Artist. You might have come through the Fine Arts subject at your school level, by going through the school fees management, and that course will also help you to become the same. Fine Artists are responsible for producing artwork with the usage of several types of media and processes. 

People with this career also display their works in museums and galleries, and they also have a private collection of their own. They also engage with clients who might like their works and purchase them for their stunning beauty. Generally, these things are sold in auctions, studios, art and craft shows, stores, etc. The average annual salary of a Fine artist is around INR 2 to 3 lacs. 

Creative Director

You can find creative leads who are engaged in advertising as well as marketing companies. These are called creative directors, whose professions can also be accessed with the degree of master of visual arts. These professionals are seen to work with designers, copywriters, artists, as well as marketers for framing strategies with the motive of selling products. 

Their prime work is to advertise as well as facilitate the creative process and do the work of leading, guiding along with motivating the creative team that works with the creative director. The average annual salary of a Creative Director is between INR 13 lacs to 16 lacs. 

Art Therapist

Another great option to go for with the master of visual arts degree is Art Therapist. An Art Therapist is primarily engaged in helping both children align with the adults with their physical, mental as well as emotional stability. 

They are responsible for incorporating art-making into the counseling sessions of their patients, and these therapies are generally used to treat depression, stress, behavioral, and low-self esteem problems. They do the work of advising and administering counseling services to their patients with the help of various types of art disciplines for healing them. The average annual salary of an Art Therapist is around INR 2 to 3 lacs.

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