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TV Ad Urges Americans To Take Advantage Of Health Care Reform Benefits

A campaign developed and launched by the Department of Health and Human Services this summer strives to emphasize that maintaining good health through preventive health insurance services is cost effective compared to treating conditions that can occur without proper care. Preventive measures are also advantageous for diseases like cancer, which can be eradicated with less suffering when they are caught early by screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies.

The campaign includes a series of television ads that highlight the preventive services benefits offered by President Obama’s health care law. Under the regulations of health care reform, the cost of preventive services will be covered by health insurance, and policyholders will not be charged a co-pay for associated doctor’s visits. The legislation requires many health insurance companies to cover preventative services like vaccinations, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, cancer screenings, diabetes screenings and colonoscopies. For women, services like mammograms and prenatal care are covered as well.

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