Wesley Financial Group Reviews: Is It a Reliable Timeshare Exit Company?

Presently, nearly 9.9 million US residents own timeshare vacation homes worldwide. Exiting the timeshare ownership is much more complicated than getting into it. A study by the University of Central Florida found that 85 percent of timeshare owners regret buying it. Considering this, Wesley Financial Group has been working in the timeshare cancellation market since 2011. 

Wesley Financial Group is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and is the best timeshare cancellation company worldwide. Wesley Financial Group has been working in this field to help its clients to eliminate their maintenance fees & timeshare mortgages. 

Timeshare Exit Fees of Wesley Financial Group 

As stated in multiple Wesley Financial Group reviews, the fees charged to the company vary. The few things Wesley considers when determining the price are whether or not you have paid off your timeshare contract and whether or not you still owe a mortgage. The cost will be higher when the mortgage on your timeshare is paid off. This may also be affected by the requirements and complexity of your contract. 

In the wake of pursuing endless audits, the typical cost is a place between $4,000-$7,000. Contacting Wesley Financial Group is the best way to obtain an accurate quote. Being the best timeshare cancellation company, the fees of Wesley Financial Group are relatively low. Numerous organizations will charge you upwards of $10,000 or something else for a townhouse wiping-out help. 

Take this into account when comparing prices from various businesses. Some townhouse leave organizations will charge less for a settled co-op. However, your ownership type also plays a role in this. The fee for deeded property may differ for points and fractional ownership. The fee may change depending on the type of ownership, even for the same developer. 

Wesley Financial Group: The Goods 

Here are a few goods that Wesley Financial Group offers: 

  • Money-Back Guarantee – Wesley Financial Group’s money-back guarantee for all clients is one of its best features. It records that guarantee in writing so that customers can access it if they require it. 
  • In-House Employees and Resources – Wesley makes use of its staff and resources. Most timeshare exit companies subcontract cases to outside law firms, keeping only a tiny amount of control. 
  • Custom Customer Care Services – A case manager will be assigned to you when you work with Wesley Financial Group to help you through the process. Customers appreciate having a natural person who is familiar with their situation rather than just a hotline operated by agents. 
  • Experienced Leadership – Wesley’s Customers benefit from the company’s knowledgeable leadership. Chuck McDowell, CEO of Wesley Financial Group, is a pioneer in the timeshare advocacy sector. Born in Tennessee, Mr. McDowell started his first business in 1982. 

Wesley Financial Group Rating on Better Business Bureau 

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has a complicated relationship with Wesley Financial Group. The BBB has given the business an A+ rating as of June 2021. When determining a company’s ranking, the Better Business Bureau considers several factors, including the number of complaints received, any actions taken by the government against the company, age, and industry. 

The rating is not determined by reviews posted on the BBB website. There are several ways for customers who have worked with Wesley Financial Group to leave feedback on the BBB website. If they believe the business has mistreated them, they can file a complaint with the BBB. 

Final Verdict 

It appears that Wesley Financial Group is a legitimate and the best timeshare cancellation company that sells timeshares. Its founder has extensive industry experience and has assisted thousands of people in the past. Having said that, you should exercise caution before agreeing to work with the company. A timeshare owner may be out thousands of dollars while they wait for results, even though it does guarantee a refund if things do not work out. 

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