What are the advantages of studying in Australia compared to the United Kingdom and the United States?

In recent years, Australia has overtaken the United Kingdom and the United States to become the most popular study abroad country. This is because of Australia’s unique advantages compared to the UK and the US.

1. The academic system is very flexible

The Australian academic system is generally divided into 2-year, 1.5-year and 1-year systems. The flexible academic system is also one of the main reasons why many students choose to study in Australia.

Generally speaking, 2-year master’s programs are more common, but students with relevant professional backgrounds can also apply for 1.5-year and 1-year master’s programs through credit reduction.

Of course, there are also very few institutions that offer 1-year master’s courses, but such courses generally have higher requirements on the background of students, and the application will be more difficult.

There are 4 situations in which you can apply for a one-year master’s degree in Australia:

  1. Undergraduate is a strong related professional background;
  2. Undergraduate is a relevant professional background and has many years of work experience;
  3. Both undergraduate and master’s degrees are related professional backgrounds and want to go to Australia to read a related professional master’s degree;
  4. Although the undergraduate professional background correlation is not strong, but have many years of work experience in this field.

2. Loose and diverse immigration policies 

As far as Australian higher education is concerned, there is a very favorable added value behind it: immigration conditions. Australia’s good immigration policy has also become a big attraction for studying in Australia.

For a long time, the Australian government has been keen to encourage young, educated and English-speaking overseas elites to immigrate to Australia, expecting these new immigrants to contribute to Australia’s economic development.

Australia’s immigration policy is much looser than that of the United Kingdom and the United States. In the 2023 fiscal year, the Australian immigration quota will increase significantly to 195,000 people, an increase of 35,000 people, and there are a variety of immigration methods for people to choose from.

3. The overall ranking of the university is very high

One of the advantages of popular universities in Australia is that their comprehensive rankings are extremely high. For example, the top eight universities in Australia, which have more applications from international students, are basically among the top 100 in the QS world rankings. In terms of majors, Australia’s nursing, business accounting, and engineering are among the top in the world.

Especially for students who want to return to their home country for development after graduation, or settle down in popular cities, the comprehensive ranking of colleges and universities is a very big help.

4. There are also many options for non-related professional backgrounds

For students who want to apply across majors during postgraduate studies, studying in Australia is a good choice.

Some institutions and majors have relatively loose requirements for undergraduate backgrounds. For example, students majoring in materials engineering also have the opportunity to apply for business-related majors in the Group of Eight.

Take the Master of Business course of the University of Queensland as an example. This course accepts applications from students with any undergraduate background under the 2-year academic model, which is very suitable for cross-applicants.

5. The environment is livable

Students who go to Australia must not miss the charming scenery of Australia.

Australia is vast and sparsely populated, with a beautiful environment and a pleasant climate. It has a long and narrow coastline, a vast inland and a modern and prosperous city.

Australia’s beautiful natural scenery makes everyone yearn for it. Students can take advantage of the holiday to explore Australia’s unique and diverse landscape. From sun-drenched beaches to snow-covered ski slopes, from lush rainforests to ancient inland stone circles.

Australia is also rich in natural and human resources. Living here, you can experience the benefits brought by the harmonious coexistence between nature and human beings, and feel a life like painting.

As a country with 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Australia is a country well worth exploring.

Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, which are frequented by international students, have also been selected as the most livable cities in the world for many times.

At the same time, good law and order can ensure the personal safety of students to a certain extent. Australia is a country with a low crime rate, and strict gun control laws ensure overseas students study in a very safe learning environment.

But I still have to say that although the Australian colleges and universities seem to be not difficult to apply for, the teaching requirements of major colleges and universities are still very strict. If you don’t study hard, you will really fail the course.

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