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What Are the Main Types of Water Storage Tanks?

The World Health Organization lays out detailed guidelines on the quality levels of drinking water. These standards should be taken seriously if you are wanting to store drinking water in tanks. 

Yet, not everyone wants water storage tanks for drinkable water, so it’s worth finding out what your options are when it comes to water tank types. The application, budget, and capacity you want for your tanks are all factors that might determine which tank types might suit your needs best.

In this quick guide, we’ll take a look at some water storage tank options and what they’re good for. Let’s get started. 

Fiberglass Water Storage Tanks

Fiberglass storage tanks can come in various sizes. They are capable of storing capacities of up to 50,000 gallons or more. They work great as a long-term storage option for businesses and organizations that don’t want to spend more on steel-welded options.

You can store caustic water, rainwater, gray water, and drinking water among others. One issue with these tanks is that they can become brittle over time and then may crack. A good safety precaution to counter this issue is to get tank liners when storing water in fiberglass tanks.

Steel-Welded Water Storage Tanks

Out of all the storage tank options, steel-welded tanks might be the best water storage option on the market. One reason for this is that the creators of such tanks make them last and perform for a very long time. 

Size-wise, you can pretty much get steel-welded tanks to suit any capacity. You might have small tanks with a few thousand-gallon capacities while others can store millions of gallons. 

Steel-welded tanks are ideal for storing any water type, including drinking water. They are a low-maintenance tank option but they can cost a lot. 

Folding Water Storage Tanks

If you’re wondering about how to store water temporarily, a folding water storage tank is something to look into. They are easy to set up and take down. Their capacity is often pretty low from around 500-5,000 gallons.

Folding water tanks are useful for:

  • Water purification
  • Industrial waste water storage
  • Pollution control
  • Drinking water storage

There are various other uses of these tanks that you can research too. Charitable organizations and emergency aid groups tend to use these sorts of tanks for various applications. 

Corrugated Steel Water Tanks

If you are looking for a budget-friendly water storage option, hygiene is not your number one priority but capacity is, then corrugated steel tanks are a great choice. 

They are excellent for irrigation purposes along with fire protection. They are also useful for some forms of wastewater treatment. 

Water Storage Tanks Explained

You should now understand more about some popular water storage tanks that companies and organizations use today. A good portable option is a folding water storage tank. A go-to water storage solution for long-term storage is a steel-welded tank.

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