What Callers Want from Answering Services

When new or old customers call a business, it is usually to make an inquiry about a product or service or to get an update about a service they’ve ordered. So they expect to get a clear and instant answer to their questions. Unlike email or other texting forms of communication, callers can easily detect the emotional state of a representative and know if they are being taken seriously or not. So any serious business needs to train their customer care responders on how to act and put their emotions in check while dealing with customers on the phone. 

Although there are several VoIP phone systems available for businesses to use for their customers’ care needs, still the bulk of the work lies on who is handling the phone calls. To help businesses improve their customer care methods, we have compiled a list of things callers want from answering services. Meanwhile, if you run an auto repair service and you need quality VoIP services, you can click here for automotive services.

What Callers Want From People Who Answer the Phone

Human Interactions

According to a recent survey, a lot of callers prefer a spontaneous, real, and warm human voice over a nicely recorded message. For many people getting their inquiries handled by a real human gives them reassurance that their concerns are being addressed. It also helps them build some level of reassurance and ease their anxiety.  

People also don’t like to deal with multiple phone menus and a high hold time. So try your best to reduce the call menus and shorten the hold time. This way, callers can reach real human representatives quickly.  

Customers want to speak to someone who is empathetic, authentic, and knowledgeable. So give them that.


To satisfy customers, representatives need to be friendly, helpful, polite, and sympathetic. For instance, if a customer didn’t get their order in time or it was canceled by mistake, they are angry. It is the work of the representative to see things from their perspective and act accordingly. They need to apologize for the delay, and if there is an ongoing discount or promo offer, such an offer should be recommended to the customer.

Importantly, some customers will make trouble no matter how friendly you are to them. In such cases, there is very little you can do than maintain your friendly and empathic stance. 


You need to make sure your audio is clear and the customer can hear you well without you having to repeat things. It would be best if you tried to remove background noises and ensure callers are not distracted by other conversations. 

Also, it would be best if you made sure to explain things to the customer as simple as possible. If you need to break down complex things to make them understandable, make sure to do so. 

Additionally, customer care reps need to be fluent in the target language. Ideally, depending on the location of the business, the caller should be able to select what language they prefer to be addressed in before finally getting connected to a rep. 

Decisive Outcome

Callers don’t want to be passed around. They want a decisive answer to all their inquiries. So a rep must be well equipped with the right knowledge and tool to answer all clients’ questions convincingly. This way, your customers won’t need to keep calling in hopes of speaking with someone who can help them. When they don’t get answers to their question from a single phone call, it can lead to frustration for them. You do not want to frustrate your customer. 

Having an open channel of communication is important if your answering service will be useful.

Company Knowledge 

Anyone who is going to be answering your callers should have undergone the needed training. They must be well equipped with the right knowledge to be able to provide customers with solutions to all their questions.

Importantly, the rep should also learn about each class of customers. This will make it easy for them to know what kind of information to provide. The information of each caller can be gathered from pre-phone calls or pulled from the company’s database (assuming they are a returning customer).

In conclusion, customer care is the heart and soul of any successful business. So as a serious business owner, you need to take customer care seriously. When your customers get frustrated by your customer care representative, they could end up leaving a bad review on your page. This could cause you to lose potential customers and hinder your growth. So make sure to consider the points mentioned above and implement them.

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