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What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

Your water pipe is very much hidden from your eyes, which can result in the late detection of plumbing problems. If you see any unusual activity with your water or pipes, you need to get it checked.

If you think that you have a plumbing emergency, then you should call a plumber.

But what does it mean for something to be a “plumbing emergency”? When does something cross into becoming an “emergency plumbing situation”?

Here is everything you need to know about plumbing emergencies and how to recognize these emergencies.

Water Leak

A plumbing emergency water leak can be defined as a sudden and unexpected release of water from a plumbing system. It could lead to serious damage or injury if not immediately addressed.

Common causes of plumbing emergency water leaks include faulty or aging plumbing pipes or fittings and accidental damage caused by drill holes. It also includes root damage to sewer pipes, an overflowing toilet, or a broken buried water line.

These types of problems can quickly cause uncontrollable flooding in the home, resulting in serious property damage as well as potential safety and health concerns. Contacting a local plumber is the best way to immediately address it

Damaged or Burst Pipes

Damaged or burst pipes can be a major plumbing emergency. If a pipe is broken, it can seriously damage your property and leave you with a huge mess to clean up. Not to mention, it can lead to loss of and contamination of the water supply.

Furthermore, if the pipe bursts in a hard-to-reach area — such as an attic or behind walls — the problem may not be discovered until it’s too late. A burst water pipe can quickly result in water damage, as well as put occupants of the property at risk. You need to get a sewer and drain service to quickly address it and avoid more damage.

Multiple Drains Clog

A plumbing emergency involving multiple drains clogging is an extremely serious and costly problem to deal with in any home. In such a situation, the drains are usually locked up simultaneously due to the accumulation of debris, such as hair, soap, grease, and other objects. The clog then prevents water from moving freely, leading to water backing up in the drains.

It could be in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. This is one of the common plumbing problems that need immediate attention.

It is wise to call in a professional plumber to handle the job. A plumber can identify the clogs, and where they are located, and clear them out as quickly as possible.

When There is a Sewer Backup

Another plumbing issue is when there is a sewer backup. This is considered any type of blockage or backflow that causes sewage to fill or come up in a dwelling and puts the inhabitants in immediate health and safety danger.

This includes sewage water entering the house in fixtures and drain pipes, backing up into bathtubs, toilets, showers, and sinks, or overflowing into the yard. This needs to be addressed immediately with professional plumbers.

Be Prepared for a Plumbing Emergency

A plumbing emergency can include anything from a major water leak or blockage to a no-hot water situation. Taking care of any of these issues as soon as possible is important.

So it’s essential to identify what constitutes a plumbing emergency and take action quickly. If you are uncertain if your plumbing problem is an emergency, call a professional now – they’ll be able to help you determine and take care of it promptly.

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