What Is Minor Differences Major Changes You Should Know

The basic operations and principles of all search engines are the same. It is the minor differences between them that lead up to major changes in their search results’ relevancy. Different search engines find different factors in a web site more important. If you plan to conquer more than one of the leading search engines, you should take a look at what each search engine finds important and optimize your site accordingly.

For instance, Yahoo! and Bing primarily view on-page keyword factors as a primary importance. Google likes on-page keyword factors but loves back links. Additionally, Google has a bias towards older websites; while Yahoo has no expressed preference towards the age of web sites. Even though Yahoo and Bing do not rely heavily on back links it is strongly advised that you always back link to your site.

When choosing what search engine your going to optimize for take a look at the search market shares, Last year in 2011 Google had 65.5% of the search market of all online users, while Yahoo had 15.9%, and Bing held 14.1% The percentage brakes down from there to a multitude of smaller search engines.

Keywords are by far the most important part of Omaha SEO for every search engine; when a spider crawls your site, the keywords tell the spider what your site is about and what to index it as. With the wrong keywords or no real keywords, your site will not be indexed correctly and will most likely never show up on a search relating to your web site and the services that you offer
It is extremely important that you optimize your site with the right keywords. This may seem easy at first, but when you get into more in-depth detail with your site and getting it optimized for the right keywords, it will get confusing. With some research, selecting the right keywords to be optimized for can be simple.

Choosing the right keywords to optimize

When selecting keywords/key phrases, think about what you would type into the search engine to find the service or product your company offers. Next, think about what your targeted consumer market would type into the major search engines to find what your company has to offer.

  • A few more questions to consider are:
  • What keywords do I want to be found by?
  • How is my website being found currently?
  • Are the keywords I want my web site to be found by popular?
  • How stiff is the competition using my keywords?
  • Am I able to write content for my site that uses my keywords and still have it make sense?
  • What search engine do I want to optimize for?

To start off optimizing try an easier keyword such as Omaha SEO, compared to SEO.

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