Advantage Of Chatbots For Small And Medium Scale Business

It is hard for a small or medium-scale (SME) business to compete with the large enterprises in the market in terms of customer service. SMEs have an inherent budget, resource and intent issues.

By adapting to Chatbots, SMEs can scale. First, Chatbots can create an engagement channel on SMEs web assets; Chatbots can interact with visitors, convey business and value propositions and generate leads. Second, Chatbots can help SMEs create a simple yet effective L1-L2 level customer support channel. SMEs can rely upon chatbots to provide an experience to their clients, which large enterprises do, at a fraction of a cost.

Top 10 reasons Why SMEs need Chatbots

1. Chatbots can have an engaging conversation with the visitors.

2. Chatbots can conduct an empathetic satisfaction survey.

3. Chatbots are highly-available and highly-reliable

4. Chatbots can convey business and value propositions.

5. Chatbots can fetch product catalogues and recommends products/services when needed.

6. Chatbots can automate lead generation and conversion processes.

7. Chatbots can chat in multiple languages.

8. Chatbots has better ROI.

9.Chatbots can make a customer feel privileged by offering quick and accurate responses.

Chatbots can build more substantial brand equity. n chatbots to provide an experience to their clients, which large enterprises do, at a fraction of a cost.

5 Powerful Ways for Customer Engagement Using Chatbots

When a customer gets intuitive customer service, it sets the foundation for a great ROI that SMEs seek. Modern chatbots are not just limited to notifications and automatic replies. Here are the top 5 ways any SME can boost its customer engagement to drive better retention and sales:

Personalized Experience

Customers like it when a customer care assistant knows them by their name. Chatbots can be programmed to remember a user by name. Similarly, chatbots can be fed personalised data to stitch an intimate experience for the user.

Efficient and Delightful Conversations

Chatbots can be programmed to make a conversation delightful and engaging. It can use emojis to lighten the mood or send humorous replies. Studies suggest that chatbots can interact more accurately and promptly in comparison to human agents.

Speaking Their Language

Modern chatbots support multiple languages. Chatbots can be programmed to address users in their native language based on the IP address.

Be There, Always

Setting up 24/7 customer care with customer care agents is costly, and drop rates are challenging to manage. Chatbots offer a cost-effective, intuitive and highly-available solution.

Assist in conveying Value proposition

Chatbots can entice visitors into becoming customers by presenting value propositions articulately. Chatbots can guide a visitor through various products or services a business offers and make them pick the right .

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