Everything You Need to Know about Mencer’s Tree Services

The most established and well-respected locally owned and family-run tree service in Knoxville is Mencer’s Tree Service. Incredibly affordable tree services are available from us in a wide range. From tree pruning and trimming to the full tree and stump removal and lot clearing, everything is covered. Any project will be completed properly by us. No task can stump us. Learn why Knoxville has relied on Mencer’s Tree Service for more than 60 years by getting in touch with us.

Why choose us?

  • Family Oriented and Run

Third-generation family members own and run Mencer’s Tree Service. When working with Mencer’s Tree Service, you have direct contact with the Miles Mencer business owner. He is heavily involved in making sure we provide outstanding results.

  • Advanced team

To ensure that you are happy with the work, we take pride in it at Mencer’s Tree Service. Our main objective is to provide superior tree care at reasonable prices. For this reason, we ensure that each tree service task is held by a team of professionals that are not only fully trained but also adequately manned. By performing this, you can be confident that everything is done correctly and quickly.

  • The appropriate technology and process

Since every job is different, we have a large selection of high-quality tree service equipment to tackle every circumstance. To keep costs down, speed up completion, and lessen the impact on the neighborhood, we make sure to employ the RIGHT equipment and technique for the task.

  • Reputation 

We have almost 60 years of experience serving Knoxville. That cannot occur unless you continuously produce high-quality, dependable work at a fair price. For another 60 years, we hope to provide Knoxville with excellent tree service, and we are grateful for our wonderful customers.

  • Entirely Licensed and Covered

Upon request, we will send you a copy of our insurance documentation demonstrating that we are sufficiently known for liability, workers’ compensation, and property losses.

You can visit mencerstree.com to know more information.

Services provided by us.

Our tree service firm offers the following primary areas of expertise:

  • Removing leaves

At Mencer’s tree services, We spend a lot of time trimming and thinning trees in our work. It takes years to master the art of knowing what to remove to maintain the health of your trees. With each yard we provide, as a landscaping business, we learn more about several topics, including the growth patterns of various tree species, how to spot illness and infection, and expansion patterns.

  • Planting

Having an arborist plant can prove helpful to you. Mencer tree services can aid you in determining the sun patterns and water access, regardless of whether you wish to transplant a massive deciduous tree or begin with a little sapling. By doing this, you can ensure that your new planting does not have a detrimental effect on the health of your existing plants and trees and that the new trees are fed adequately to thrive. 

Furthermore, we possess the tools necessary to expedite and streamline planting tasks. What could take you a month to complete by yourself, can be completed in a few hours by our tree care company.

  • Stump removal

You can count on us to remove all signs of a dead tree when you employ our tree service. Your grass and other vegetation will flourish as a result, since the tangle of dead roots won’t obstruct the supply of nutrients or inhibit new development. So that you don’t have to buy one yourself, the tree experts invested in a stump grinder.

  • Taking down trees

Your yard will be thriving and healthy if you are aware of which trees should bud out and when. If and when you choose to have a tree removed, we can employ large machinery to avoid any sort of damage that comes to nearby trees, fences, or building structures. Before de-rooting the old trees that are precarious and likely to fall, we take all the required precautions. You can rely on our tree service and the trustable arborists that are well trained for their service. 

  • Removing trees in times of emergency

You must take care of your surroundings and be aware of any tree that’s likely to fall in situations like thunderstorms or severe weather storms. It can be a case that you are cutting electrical lines and that can get in contact with the trees making them fall. Mencer offers 24/7 tree services. The additional benefit of working on trees is that we frequently have the tools necessary to rescue you in the situation of a severe blizzard. 

  • Shrub pruning

You can trim certain hedges on your own with ease. However, you should contact our experienced team if you see any unwanted growth, or weeds and invasive species obstructing your shrubs and plants. The dead branches of the tree pose danger for the people around, getting rid of them on time is a wise idea. As part of the trim, the branches of the trees may need to be pruned, because they may be obstructing the growth of other tree parts.

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