Summer Means Heat: Protect Your Animals

Summer is here, and the heat is getting unbearable. However, heat is problematic for both humans and animals. You must protect your animals by keeping them in the shade. This article will discuss why protecting your animals from heat waves is essential. 

Importance of Shade for Animals

We can stay indoors and relax in an air-conditioned room when there is a heatwave. However, animals don’t have the same luxury, and with a higher than usual UV index, heat exhaustion and sun exposure are major concerns for animals. Animals, especially pets and livestock, require shade to protect themselves from the grueling heat.

Some animals, like cats, have thick fur. These animals are more at risk during the summer or in an ongoing heatwave because they don’t have the internal temperature mechanics, such as sweating. Instead, these animals rely on staying hydrated, panting, and staying in shaded regions. 

While you may have never seen a cat sporting a suntan or a dog avoiding the extreme summer heat, there are many reasons why you should provide animals shade:

  • Animals are not good at cooling themselves down, they typically rely on panting.
  • Senior pets, smaller pets, and dog breeds such as bulldogs and pugs are more at risk of heat stress.
  • Heat stroke is a legitimate concern for animals and kills thousands annually.
  • After exercising or playing outdoors, dogs require rest in a comfortable, cool, shaded area with water. 

What is a Shade House?

A shade house is a structure surrounded by woven material or agro nets to allow required air, sunlight, and moisture to pass through the gaps. The Shade house is also called the net house or shade net house. While you can make a shade house yourself, it would be better to let a company such as WeatherSolve handle this.

How Strong should be a Shade House?

A Shade house should be extremely strong because not only is it providing shade to the animals, but it also battles harsh weather conditions. A shade house should always have a strong frame material; here are some common varieties of frame materials:


Shade houses made of aluminum frames are more robust than other frame materials. These frames are also rust-proof, which makes them perfect for long-term use. However, aluminum frames are more expensive than other frame varieties. 


Plastic frames are convenient because they are lightweight. Plastic frames are not good are transferring the sun’s heat, so they don’t warm up when exposed to the sunlight. 


While you can easily buy or find a wooden frame for shade houses, they are less durable than other materials. However, the frame typically has a long lifespan and can withstand various weather conditions. 

Cost and Size of a Shade House?

When looking to purchase a shade house, keep comfortability in mind. Go for budget-friendly shade houses. The cost of shade houses varies because it typically depends on their size, overall quality, and the materials used to construct the house. 

The best thing to do is purchase a large-sized shade house rather than a small one and then try to expand it later. Building or buying a shade house is usually considered a long-term investment, so you should always go for shade houses that have a long lifespan. 

Frequently Asked Questions? 

  • Can you make your own shade house? 

You can also construct your own shade house and purchase the shade cloth from WeatherSolve. However, there are a number of steps that you will need to follow to make a shade house structure. So the process is lengthy, requires patience, and consumes energy. Here are some steps:

  • Prepping the Site

When preparing a shade house structure site, you should have the basic nursery equipment and tools. These tools can be hand trowels, seedling flats, pots, and growing mediums. 

  • Location of the Structure

Now, you should shift your focus to where you will construct the shade house. Here are some questions that will give you clarity:

  • How far is the water supply from the shade house?
  • Is the ground even?
  • Can you expand the shade house space in the future?
  • Is the location easily accessible? 
  • Is there a proper drainage system?
  • Interior

The shade house should have the appropriate shelving or benches. You should give them semi-gloss paint if you install wooden nursery benches in the shade house. Painting the benches will help you protect them against mould.

  • Storage

If you want to utilize your shade structure space fully, you can make storage spots in the house. You can make storage space in the wall or under an unused bench. 

  • Material Guide

The material that you will need to build a shade house is usually cheap; here is the basic material that you will need:

  • Threshold
  • Tacks and metal strapping
  • Latch
  • Brackets
  • Ceiling battens
  • Star pickets
  • Mesh screen door
  • Hinges
  • Poly-pipe arch

While we have provided some tips for constructing the shade house, it would still be better to hire a professional company, such as WeatherSolve, to do the job for you. 

  • How long does Shade cloth last?

It will be a good investment if you buy shade cloth because they can last more than 16 years. Shade cloths are useful and provide shade for the animals. However, you can also use the cloth for plants, as they can decrease energy usage, reduce stress, and increase plant productivity. 

  • Black or White Shade Cloth?

Which type of shade cloth you purchase will depend on a few factors such as:

  • White cloths can reflect lighting and are better suited for warm climates.
  • The black shade is good at absorbing the heat and blocks the excess sunlight. This shade cloth is better for cold climates. 


This article discussed why it is important to provide shade for animals during a heatwave. While humans can care for themselves, animals can’t, so we must look after them. We also discussed what a shade house is and how it can provide shade to the animals. Always opt for shade houses that are durable and can last for a long period of time.

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