Nashville: The Capital of Music Video Production

How did Nashville, Tennessee become known as “Music City, USA?” is something many people have pondered. Why has Nashville been dubbed the “Capital of Continental Music Culture”? Is it not true that just as many artists have gone through Las Vegas and New York?

Nashville’s Musical Past and Its Impact on the World

Even though Tennessee’s reputation for excellent fiddling dates back to the state’s founding in the 1700s, it wasn’t until the publication of the Nashville-based hymnal Western Harmony in 1824 that the state began to get national attention. The hymnal’s widespread success paved the way for Nashville to become a musical powerhouse in the years to come.

Let’s fast forward to the late 1800s when Ryman Auditorium was initially opening its doors to the public. Given its prominent position and remarkable natural acoustics, it immediately rose to prominence as one of the best auditoriums in the nation. The nickname “Carnegie Hall of the South” for Ryman Auditorium didn’t stick around for very long.

When WSM radio station settled on Ryman Auditorium for its Grand Ole Opry broadcast in 1925, Nashville’s status as a major city on the national stage was confirmed. The fact that the Grand Ole Opry is still broadcasting after all these years is indicative of not just the popularity but also the high quality of country music.

In 1950, David Cobb, an announcer for WSM radio, coined the phrase “Music City USA,” and the moniker has remained relevant to this day. The name is sometimes misunderstood, with many believing it has some kind of connection to country music when this is not the case. The music scene in Nashville has been and will continue to be welcoming to a wide range of styles and genres. There isn’t a kind of music that hasn’t been influenced by Nashville’s thriving music scene, from classical to country to bluegrass.

The regional and cultural cultures of the artists who relocate to Nashville in pursuit of a music career enrich the city’s rich cosmopolitan melting pot. As the Nissan headquarters moved from California to Franklin, more and more people from the Golden State moved there, bringing with them a little bit of the laid-back California culture they love. It’s not by chance that there have been so many more eateries opening up recently.

In summary, Music City USA deserves and preserves its reputation because, unlike other large towns in the States, music isn’t simply part of the tradition; it is the tradition.

Nashville: The Music City

A plethora of celebrations, including buck dance and fiddle music, erupted soon after the city was established in the late 1700s. Davy Crocket, a colorful fiddle musician with a colorful past, was the city’s first celebrity.

Reasons for Nashville’s 18th-century moniker as “Music City” multiplied throughout this time period. Because of this, music publishing flourished in Nashville, and the city quickly became a major hub on a national scale. Nashville’s Fisk University was home to the world’s first touring musical performance, the Fisk Jubilee Singers. It’s possible that Elizabeth I was the first monarch to dub Nashville “Music City.” 

A City Built on Music and the Company That Mastered the Visuals  

Year after year, Nashville serves as a showcase for new music in a variety of genres and forms. People may not realize it, but the city has a long history of embracing the latest technology to highlight its musical heritage. 

In 1955, long before music videos were even a thing, country music fans enjoyed televised broadcasts from the Grand Ole Opry. 

Today, production company Gear Seven continues the charge by promoting the city as a musician-friendly hub of creativity and visual storytelling. Online video streaming continues to be a popular platform for launching new artists. 

Gear Seven’s world-class facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and talented crews have become the epicenter of Nashville’s thriving music video scene. The company has produced numerous promotional clips for artists of every musical style. This combination of talent and the city’s many stages ensure a healthy future for video production. 

Nashville’s World-Renowned Concert Halls

The city’s environment has been augmented by the addition of several music venues throughout time. These venues bolstered the city’s continued reputation as “Music City.” There’s more to the tale, however. Some of the best places to hear live music in Nashville are listed here.

  • Ryman Auditorium

The Ryman Auditorium was the first of Nashville’s three most renowned music venues. Ryman Auditorium, sometimes known as “the Church of Country Music,” was instrumental in establishing Nashville as a major center for lovers of country music because of its ability to draw stars like Dolly Parton. The venue’s first concert took place in 1892. In its long history, the building hosted a wide variety of notable guests, including heads of state, religious figures, opera singers, and more. This church hosted Johnny Cash’s funeral in 2003. These days shows cover a lot of ground.

  • Grand Ole Opry

The Grande Ole Opry is the world’s second-most-famous concert hall. Despite its distance from Nashville, it has served as a mecca for country music fans at all points in the artists’ careers. The Gatlin Brothers and Travis Tritt are just a few of the artists performing today. The venue offers a busy program of shows and is a popular destination for music fans in Nashville. Pay a visit to the Grand Ole Opry, one of the most well-known venues for country music in the world.

  • Cannery Ballroom at the Station Inn

In addition to the Ryman Auditorium, the Cannery Ballroom is another one of Nashville’s most well-known concert halls. A staple of the Gulch neighborhood in Nashville, Station Inn has live music every night of the week. Featuring some of the finest examples of bluegrass, traditional country, and other roots genres in the world. Have a seat, listen to some tunes, and savor a delicious meal. Six bluegrass players and vocalists started the venue in 1974.

Where to Hear the Best Live Music in Nashville

In addition to its intriguing past, modern-day Nashville is a bustling metropolis.

One of the nicest things about Nashville is the abundance of fun things to do, both for locals and visitors. A few of these events let you celebrate Nashville’s musical heritage while still having a good time. Food and drink cruises on the General Jackson Showboat are one such activity. Showboat is a paddlewheel riverboat that is 300 feet in length. It sounds like it was written in the eighteenth century! Passengers may take a visit to Nashville and its environs from the water on this vessel. The Cumberland River, down which the boat is now making its way, winds through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the United States. For over three hours, passengers may visit four distinct decks. At lunch, guests may enjoy a variety of Southern dishes, while the evening is a multi-course roasted chicken feast. Diners enjoy a musical journey around the United States of America with a live performance named “Country Music USA.” The Grand Ole Opry’s all-time greatest hits are performed with today’s top country songs. A cash bar is also available for anyone who would want to indulge while celebrating. A trip aboard the General Jackson Showboat is said to leave no one feeling dissatisfied.

Nashville’s distinct character and flamboyant style lend themselves well to the video art form. If you’re interested in shooting something that’s visually catchy, Gear Seven in Nashville will help you hit all the right notes.

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