How Christmas Is Bearing Down On Dorchester You Need Know

Christmas is bearing down on Dorchester. The Bears of Casterbridge are celebrating the festive season by decorating their charming period home at the Dorset Teddy Bear Museum.

The people size family of teddy bears is totally unique. The head of the family Edward Bearinger, has called the celebration “Teddy Bears at Christmas” which is being held throughout December until twelfth night. The entire museum has been decorated to create an olde time Christmas. The festive flavor can be enjoyed in sight, sounds and smells.

Edward, is hosting the event together with his extended family of 14 people-size bears who are engaged on Christmas activities throughout his charming period house and the Museum.

The bears are internationally famous and Santa Bear will be busy working with some of the bears preparing to deliver to presents to children all over the world, while some of the other bears are busy in the kitchen making Christmas puddings. Grandpa bear has eaten too much and snores through it all, while the young bears are already preparing to go to bed on Christmas Eve.

“Teddy Bears at Christmas” is a delight for young and old alike, a real feast of nostalgia and not to be missed. The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum is at the corner of High East Street and Salisbury Street in Dorchester, the historic county town of Dorset. The Museum is open every day including New Year’s Day but is closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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