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A Room With a View, Personalise Your Child’s Bedroom

Cars, trains, cowboys, dinosaurs, fairies, cartoon characters – there’s a lot of different themes around to choose from when it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom.

If you fancy something unique and different why not go for a personalized, digitally printed roller blind?

Simply choose a picture that they’d like to see at their window, visit Web Blinds, upload the image and enter your roller blind measurements and it’ll be brought to life in just ten working days. Alternatively you can choose from one of the many fun images that appear on the website. Kid’s imaginations are endlessly creative, why shouldn’t their rooms be the same?
Incey Wincey Spider:
Adults may go a bit wobbly at the sight of a scuttling, eight-hairy legged wee beastie but little boys often love all manner of creepy crawlies! Just make sure he tidies his room and does his homework so you don’t have to venture into the spider’s lair…
Football crazy:
Make it a ‘room of two halves’ by using digitally printed football roller blinds to divide that shared bedroom down the middle. They’ll be over the moon!
Butter wouldn’t melt:
Have a tantrum, moil? Capture that smiley face on a roller blind to remind you just how cute he can be when he’s throwing a full throttle terrible two’s strop!
Pets corner:
Children love the idea of having their very own pet but once the novelty has worn off, it’s usually Mum or Dad who’s left with the dirty work! So how about a cute but two-dimensional furry creature that’ll never need cleaning out?

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