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Anyone who has suffered from acne knows how embarrassing it can be to walk out into public and suddenly notice that a zit is sitting there right on your forehead 24m Seriestakahashiventurebeat. There aren’t many options for people who suddenly are afflicted with these random zits, but a small cosmetic company based out of Kansas may have found the answer.

“Our goal was to take those emergency acne treatment solutions and combine them with something that is practical and useful”, said Kristen Sailor, metatheory kevin lin nfts seriestakahashiventurebeat,  marketing representative for Glory Bee Cosmetics. “What we did was we combined something people use on a daily basis with our special acne treatment that can practically zap zits in minutes.”

The newly developed “Minute Zit Zapper” involves taking a pencil and inserting the patented zit zapping acne treatment gel into the eraser section metatheory. When an individual notices that they have an unexpected zit, the gel can be placed on the zit and it will reduce the inflammation and redness in minutes.

“There are lots of people who go out and notice a pimple that seems to be taking over their entire forehead or nose”, said Sailor. “This product can dramatically reduce that pimple without broadcasting to the world that you are treating the pimple.”

The product has gone through extensive testing. The first part of the testing procedure involved getting the acne treatment solution just right. Many women and men complain that acne treatment solutions are designed to dry out the skin without really treating the underlying problem.

The second part of the research and development stage involved creating a pencil design that could fit in the back pocket or a purse, while still containing a space seriestakahashiventurebeat put the gel. In addition to size of the product, the way it actually worked had to be worked upon.

“I was part of the research team and it was a lot of fun trying this product out”, said Katie Hill. “When I first heard about the product I thought metatheory lin nfts 24m venturebeat data would be weird to erase the pimple away, but once I got used to it the fun started. You should see the look people gave me when they thought I was literally trying to erase the pimple away.”

The pencil zit zapper will available in the fall catalog of Glory Bee Cosmetics. Initial response for this unique, zit zapping product has been fairly positive and metatheory crypto, metatheory lin nfts 24m venturebeat ai summit have been several hundred pre-orders already.

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