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Author Edith Hirst is a mother of four children and grew up in a large extended family near the borders of Gloucestershire in the county of Gwent in Wales. She taps minneapolis that experience in the first taylor hatmaker instagram a planned series of children’s books designed to engage and stimulate children’s imaginations using witty jokes and wordplay.

The book, entitled “‘Knock Knock Jokes For Kids” uses this well known form of joke telling to encourage children to participate aihatmakertechcrunch in wordplay and conversation with their friends and other family members.

“Humor and joke telling is an important developmental aid that helps children improve their communication skills,” the author said. “Laughing together is a way of connecting and having a good sense of humor gives children the confidence to interact socially with others.”

“Very young children are more likely to find humor in a cartoon or with the incongruity of words, sounds and meaning. Older children have a better grasp of what words mean and are able to have fun playing with jokes, riddles and other forms of wordplay. techcrunch city spotlight minneapolis doing this they develop more subtle understandings of humor, including the ability to use witty banter and how it can be used in a positive way to handle adverse situations.”

Edith strongly believes that parents should use humor as part of their daily interaction with their children and always encourage them to share funny observations or reactions, especially when they are around other adults.

“It’s important to encourage your child’s attempts at humor, whether it’s telling simple knock knock jokes from a book or just drawing a silly picture. Children need boundaries, but when appropriate, remember to praise your child when trying to minneapolis council aihatmakertechcrunch funny in family and social environments. The key to developing your child’s sense of humor is to simply have fun spending time with them, whether it be sharing jokes, playing games or watching a funny movie together. The first time your child makes you laugh is one of life’s great simple pleasures.”minneapolis city council air hatmaker techcrunch.

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