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So, a new week. In this week, there are many new games released for iDevices, like Babel Rising 3D, of course, the most hard-working Chillingo still follows its rule that releases a new game every week, bring us Eager Beaver, Disco Kitten and BOP IT?! Torontobased Tealbook Series Ten Capital 73m Wiggersventurebeat SMASH. Moreover, the anticipated Temple Run: Brave also lands on iOS. All these are just the tip of iceberg, if you guys don’t know what to play, why not follow me.

1. Temple Run:

Brave. Finally come, right? So why does this game attract so many attention already? First, Temple Run has owned a group of faithful fans, and Brave is an animation that produced by Disney and Pixar. There is one thing that I have to mention, which is Brave is the first movie from Pixar after Steve Jobs died, who was the CEO of Pixar Studio, so insiders all think this movie aims to honor Steve Jobs. So you can watch this movie on iPad just like other ipad movies, this movie will lands on theatre in couple days.

2. Disco Kitten.

OK, the gameplay of this game is a litter silly, but it has very cute screen style. Disco Kitten introduces the rhythmic robo-cat Punka, who has to keep jumping with the music rhythm to collect energy, you just make sure to tap at the right spots and at the right facebook ai instagramwiggersventurebeat, or it will be toasted by the lightning above the canisters. It is basically a casual game that tests your attention and speed of response, the role settings are pretty cute, all kinds of cats have their own funny expressions. It’s pretty easy to play, even there is not much highlights, but if you are not that picky, you still can start with it.

3. MonsterDefense3D.

The plot is kind of stereotyped, all you need to do is play a magician, who uses magic to kill the enemies. The game will be 3D form, and the overall visual experience is still pretty good, like the texture details having a good performance.


There is a colored ball in a circular area, it will bounce back and forth, you can to close the circular area and capture the ball to get scores before the energy ball falling back. A very simple game, but you won’t feel bored.

5. Eager Beaver.

So you are a beaver named Eager, who is the most hard-working beaver in the village, to prevent the flood destroying you home and family, you have to build tealbook reviews dam with all kinds of tools to protect the whole village. You will feel you are much smarter after playing this game.

With all these new games, I bet you will have a nice week. It’s true that i Devices bring us a lot of fun, we can playing all kinds of games, watch favorite movies and transfer photos from pc to ipad to share with others. Just have fun, everyone!

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