What You Need to Know About Hemp

Hemp Vs. Marijuana

The difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of THC in both. If the plant has more than 0.3% THC in it, then it is considered marijuana. If it has less than 0.3% THC, it is considered hemp. Hemp is technically allowed in all fifty states, marijuana is only allowed in certain states. Hemp has almost no THC while marijuana can have as much as 27% THC. This is the biggest difference between the two. 

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This article will help you to learn more about hemp and the products you can get from hemp. This is only a little bit that you need to know, if you want to learn more you can visit lordofcbd.fr. This article will help you to get started though. There are many things that you might learn from this article.

Things to Know About Hemp

1. Hemp will give you a headache, but will not make you high

Since hemp only has less than 0.3% THC, you will not get high with it. If you plan on using a lot of hemp to get high, you will most likely get a headache instead. If you use too much, you could also get diarrhea because of the anti-constipation qualities of the hemp. You want to be careful using hemp and you want to use it responsibly.

2. Natives of a small island of the coast of China were probably the first to use hemp

Pottery found on a Stone Age Taiwanese Island had depictions of cannabis cord which was the earliest depiction of hemp. As of the second century B.C. the Chinese mainland was using hemp for clothing. Hemp was even mentioned for swaddling babies and wrapping the dead in the Confucian texts that are called “The Book of Rights.” This is very interesting to know that hemp was used so long ago. 

3. You can make common household goods with hemp

Hemp fiber is known for being strong and versatile and used for many different products. As of 2014, the Farm Bill has given permission to the states that allow them to plant hemp for research to see just how many things can be made with hemp. Hemp can be used for more than 25,000 different products. It has been used for Bible pages, building materials, rope, boat caulking, and many other things. You would be surprised to see how many things that are made with hemp. 

4. In the 1600’s people who owned property in North America were told they had to grow hemp

King James I decreed that every property owner must grow a hundred plants of hemp. They needed to grow it to export it to England. This hemp was used to make cords and sails for English ships. It was first decreed to Jamestown, but later the decree included Connecticut and Massachusetts. This is one way that the colonists helped England.

5. Woodie Harrelson and Mitch McConnell have something in common

Both Mr. Harrelson and Mr. McConnell are proponents of hemp, both have been on treks to get it legalized nationwide. They have gone about it in different ways, but they both want it to happen soon. In 1996 Harrelson planted a few seeds in Kentucky and was arrested. He was later released with no charges brought against him. There are many more hemp activists, but these are two of the most well-known.

6. Hemp was used for sails during World War II

During World War II, Kentucky and other states were asked to grow hemp so that the U.S. Navy could use it to make sails. The hemp had been coming from Manilla and because of the war it stopped. This was thought to be a myth until the 1980’s when a short film called “Hemp for Victory” was found. This video encouraged the states to grow hemp, and many did include Kentucky.

7. Hemp contains a nutrient found in breast milk

The oil found in hemp called gamma linolenic acid, or GLA, is also found in breast milk. This is a nutritious unsaturated fatty acid. There are also other nutrients in hemp oil that make it more nutritious than other vegetable oils. You can learn more about the nutritional value of hemp here: https://www.webmd.com/diet/hemp-health-benefits-nutrition-uses#1. This site helps you to learn more about hemp.

8. Hemp stalks can be used to store energy

Not long ago a supercapacitor was designed that used leftover hemp stalks. Supercapacitors are devices that store energy. They hold less energy than a battery but can be charged in a shorter amount of time and deliver that energy faster. These devices can be used for things like charging cell phones quickly and having a charge that lasts for hours. 

Hemp can be good for many things, not just for using recreationally. You can make clothing, cords, ropes, and sails, for example. It is good for making supercapacitors that can store and release energy. In World War II it was used to help make sails for the Navy. It is also a good nutrient for many reasons, including cooking. 

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