Upgrades You Can Do To Your Can Am X3

Can-Am was the first company to make effective motocross dirtbikes. Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) introduced a model of the Traxter, an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) with a multipurpose platform, in February 1998. Canadian corporation Bombardier Recreational Products, formerly a division of Bombardier Inc, produces Can-Am ATVs. 

One can always choose from a large selection of reasonably priced Can Am X3 accessories offered for sale online to customize their product further.

Can Am Upgrades

Adventures on Can-Am Maverick X3 are astounding. To get to the most secluded campgrounds or to accomplish the most challenging race, load it up and go off-road. The finest decision one could have ever undertaken is, without a doubt, Maverick X3! It tests the limits of UTV sports and one’s love for adventure. 

The additional accessories increase the vehicle’s functionality and give it a boost of performance for the riders. Therefore, enhancing the experience is of utmost importance for automobile drivers.

Front Gusset Kit

The gusset kit is meant to lengthen the lifespan of Can-Am Maverick X3. It is bolt-on. It gives the vehicle’s front end more power and stiffness. The front gusset kit is designed to strengthen the structure and attachment locations for the front a-arm.

Sway Bar Links

The front sway bar links have a 1″ range of adjustment and are constructed of zinc-plated metals. They enable one to go tough by keeping the A-arms functioning well. The rear sway bar links have an excellent hex pattern and are constructed from 6061 billet aluminum.

Shock Mounts

The Shock Mount adds the necessary rigidity and stability to minimize warping and to break under massive weight. A twin fastener configuration that bolts firmly to the central structure is used in the innovative construction.

Transmission Bearing Kit

Each bearing is created by producers using the finest heat-treated metal, which is the most significant level of actual production. The transmission bearings, one of the most purposeful Can Am x3 accessories, are made to withstand high pressures and heat. These bearings can withstand more than five times as much damage as OE and perform at their best even when submerged in dirty oil.

Shifter Knob

The dull plastic standard knob on the Can-Am X3 is replaced by the billet-aluminum UTV shifter knob, providing the vehicle with a unique appearance. Utilizing the OEM knob’s gear makes installation quite simple. 

Whip Mounts

The X3 whip mounts offer 30 ° of tilt adjustment, a more outer placement, and more significant elevation than standard attachments. No necessity to make compromises anymore; whether someone wants the go-fast appearance or the straight-up style, they have them covered.

Grab Handle

The Grab Handle package provides a reliable handhold. Contrary to other modified handles, the billet aluminum grab handles give a sleek appearance while enabling it much simpler to get into and out of the X3. The Can-Am X3 Grab Handle kit mounts straight to the vehicle’s roll cage, requiring no alterations and rendering setup quick and easy.


Due to the handbrake, one may push out the back axle of their Maverick X3 at any time. Starting a slide might be challenging if a handbrake is missing because the back tires can’t lock up immediately. Owners may quickly enter a skid with the rider in complete command by attaching the handbrake.


Fusing strength, convenience, and stability helps create the perfect desert vehicle. While all the relevant gauges are readily available, you need to shop from reliable vendors who offer quality upgrades for increased performance.

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