Why Should You Add Zinc to Your Diet?

Dietary supplements are a growing industry, with many options available to consumers. Zinc is a popular nutritional supplement because it is an essential mineral and plays several critical roles in the body. Some of these roles include providing protection against infection, supporting the immune system, and moderating the activity of enzymes. The body may begin acting strangely if this mineral level is low. Taking supplements like pure encapsulations zinc makes sense because this vital mineral is prone to under consumption due to typical lifestyle circumstances.

Why it is essential

Reduced immunological function, notably the depletion of particular white blood cells, is linked to zinc deficiency. Additionally, low levels prevent the healing of wounds. The element is essential for preserving average amounts of growth insulin, hormone, testosterone, and thyroid.

Glutathione and superoxide dismutase levels in healthy individuals have risen after taking zinc supplements. This rise indicates that the mineral possesses antioxidant capabilities. According to another study, the deficit is linked to higher levels of oxidative stress. Its ability to fight oxidative stress is essential to the retina since the eyes are very vulnerable to lower zinc levels..

Furthermore, supplements like pure encapsulations zinc may support proper insulin sensitivity.

Indications that your body has low zinc levels:

Cold treatments are lengthy

The persistence of colds may indicate a deficiency if they seem to be holding on for a long time. To reduce a common cold, a boost in the mineral has been shown to aid in infection prevention and reduction of symptoms length. .

Development of dry and flaky skin

Acne, rashes, wounds, psoriasis, and other bothersome skin conditions may benefit from zinc’s ability to speed up skin cell regeneration. Sunburns and unpleasant poison ivy encounters can be treated as an anti-inflammatory drug.

Appetite loss

Zinc deficient people frequently experience digestive problems, especially while trying to digest protein. The body will be unable to absorb or digest nutrients from food in this condition effectively.

Body aches

Such a mineral deficiency may cause your body not to recover from exercises as quickly as it formerly did or bruises that last far longer than necessary. Since the bones and muscles contain 90% of this mineral in the body, slow wound recovery is among the most significant nutrient deficiencies to watch out for.

Loss of good sense of flavor or fragrance

The brain’s ability to accept and analyze information from the smell and taste senses are activated by this mineral. If the food doesn’t taste as good as it once did, it might be time to increase tracel mineral intake, which is essential for well-functioning taste perception.

Does it work?

According to a study, zinc supplementation over eight weeks resulted in considerably increased antioxidant properties in the research group.. This increase in antioxidant properties includes increased molecules designed to counteract the harmful consequences of free radicals. The body’s capability to produce chemicals that cause inflammation appeared to be moderately reduced due to the supplementation. 


For optimum absorption, it must be taken individually from fibrous foods. Therefore, administering it must be done at least an hour before or two to three hours post meals. One should also refrain from taking certain medications simultaneously at the same time.

Red meat, seafood, and oysters are good sources of Zinc. Men should take 30–60 mg/day of elemental zinc supplements, while women should take 30–45 mg/day. It should be noted that different supplement formulations contain varying levels. Hence it is advised to assess the intake by using elemental dosage and talk with your healthcare practitioner before taking any new supplements to make sure they are right for you. 

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