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Office Layout Ideas to Make the Most of Your Office Space

Did you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime? For many, the office is a second home, whether they like it or not!

You might not think much of it, but the office layout can have a huge impact on how well you work. Making just a few tweaks might be exactly what you need to feel right at home while at work.

Read on for some office layout ideas so you can maximize comfort and productivity!

Try the Triangle Office Design

Do you have lots of things going on simultaneously? Then the triangle office design can be ideal.

In one corner, place your workstation. In the other 2 corners, slot your printer in one and a file cabinet in the other. If you don’t use these things, then substitute them with whatever you need for your workflow.

This triangle layout allows you to get from each corner smoothly to get work done.

Use the Power Position

The power position is where you have the main work desk in the opposite corner of the door. That way, when anyone comes in (or leaves), you can see them straight away.

If you have a small office, then the best desk to get for the power position is the L-shaped one, as it’ll fit right into the corner. You should also consider getting a standing desk to save on space and for better health.

Two-Person Setup

If it’s just you and a work partner, then it can be really difficult to concentrate. You might end up gossiping all day, or even worse, arguing.

For a two-person setup, make sure your workstations face away from one another. Place a file cabinet, shelving, and a reading seat for one workstation, and mirror it for the other.

Divide Sections With Cubes and Privacy Screens

Do you and your employees/coworkers find it tough to concentrate because everyone’s right next to each other? Feel like there’s no room for privacy? Then this can be quickly remedied with cubes and privacy screens.

This layout is useful if you have a wide-open office space that can do with divvying up.

If you want things to look more organic, look into bookshelves instead of cubes. You can push them against one another, angle them, and fill them up with books so the person/people inside have a little nook.

If you need help getting the right layout or would like to learn more about office design, here is a great resource.

Get the Right Office Layout for Your Needs

There’s no right or wrong office layout. Rather, it’s up to you to explore what your needs are and which configurations will work for you.

The beauty of most of the above layouts is they’re not permanent. So feel free to experiment and reconfigure until it feels perfect!

If you’d like to learn more about designing an office, then check out the rest of our blog now!

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