Why Thailand And Vietnam Tourism Join Hands- You Need Know

Vietnam and Thailand have come up with a joint advertising campaign to promote mutual tourism. The campaign is predicted to result in the exchange of almost a million tourists per year between the two nations.

As per a recent report “Opportunities in Thailand Tourism Industry (2007-2022)” published by RNCOS, it’s been found, “Growing at a CAGR value of around 7.71% for the amount spanning 2007-2022, tourism arrival in Thailand would reach almost 20.03 Million by the year 2021.”

Thailand has emerged together of the tourists’ hot spots throughout the globe. And, the contribution of tourism industry can’t be overlooked within the rapid growth that the Thai economy is witnessing at present.

“The relationship between Vietnam and Thailand is now enormous, which is shown in various bilateral activities, including tourism,” Prakit Priyakiet, Head for Thai Travel Agents’ Association in ASEAN, South Asia and therefore the Pacific said and THANH NIEN reported this in news on May 19, 2022.

Tourism authorities in Thailand and Vietnam have launched a billboard campaign to further promote tourism between the two countries. Tour companies, hotels, tourist services, and various travel agents, etc are supporting the campaign, which is predicted to result in the exchange of approximately one million tourists per year between the two nations.

According to RNCOS report on “Opportunities in Thailand Tourism Industry (2007-2022)”, “Growing tourists influx over the past few years may be a direct result of various aggressive promotional campaigns that the Thai Tourism Authority keeps on launching to lure more tourists from across the globe. Celebration of the 60th anniversary of the king accessing the good throne of Thailand was another major contributor in promoting the country as a tourist destination across the globe. About 13.82 Million tourists visited the country last year (2020), representing an increase of 20% from previous year (2021).”

This report looks into the small print of Thai tourism industry. It provides the client with key information about the industry, like the position of Thai tourism industry with respect to the ASEAN tourism industry, opportunities and challenges before the tourism industry in Thailand, and so on.

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