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5 Reasons Why You Must Get Property In Toowoomba

The beautiful place of Toowoomba, near the west of the Australian capital’ Brisbane’, is also called Garden City. Covered with about 12,957 km2 worth of exploration, you can safely arrive at the Darling Downs of Queensland, Australia. Offering a wide range of gardens, Toowoomba is known for having one of the most extravagant tourist spots. But if you are moving now, getting your hands on the best facilities offered in Toowoomba homes for sale this year is optimal.

Starting its identity as a village during the early 1850s, the pristine land turned into a city in 1904. It is a heritage land with outstanding quality and ample facilities- such as theatres, entertainment, exquisite gardens, shopping centres, excellent educational services, and quality health care accessibility. The homes in Toowoomba are to die for, starting with price-friendly properties and many housing services. 

Reasons to Buy a Property In Toowoomba


The properties in Toowoomba are known for their abundance of facilities. When combined with the country’s standard of living and various services offered to society, this place makes it the ideal city to move in during retirement. People here have a balanced lifestyle, and the economy is robust and stable. Many social events are bound to catch your eye. The restaurants in and around the properties offer exquisite delicacies and are multicultural, making them easier to adapt to. Offering seating both indoor and outdoor, you can tick off the requirement of amenities. 

The city is filled with high infrastructure and many developmental activities as well. With easy access to educational opportunities and libraries in and around every corner of the town, they are great options for students looking for quality and affordable education.

Affordable Homes

One of the first things you look for in a property is the pricing, and you will be highly delighted to know the affordability of Toowoomba homes for sale. Its economy lives on Gross Regional Product. Having the third largest regional economy in Queensland, about $11.6 billion is made every year. The house pricing ranges in and around $446,000 (median as of 2021). The properties are a steal compared to the two extravagant cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

2 And 3 Bedroom Floor Plans

The place has a high standard of living, making a large selection of 2 and 3-bedroom plans available to the demographic at low prices. This creates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to customize the designs. The homes are stylish and well-decorated, combining spaciousness, beautiful dining areas, smooth air-conditioning, and easily operable kitchens.


One more reason you choose these homes is the abundance of outdoor activities you can engage in when you’re not working. Being the city of gardens, you can find various recreational spots, such as public parks, Japanese gardens, cinemas, shopping centers, golf clubs, and many more. It boasts of tourism activities like skiing, trekking, hiking, cycling, and other activities to keep your physique up even during retirement. The weather in Queensland is pleasant all around the year, making it a comforting factor.

Where To Live

Toowoomba is a prominent place, and you might want to research some significant localities to settle in. Here’s a brief explanation for the best ones:

  • Oakey: In terms of residential services, Oakey takes the cake. Thanks to the rural vibes present, it is a retirement haven located in the west. 
  • Rangeville: In the southeastern area of Garden City, Rangeville is the haven for parks and many other facilities. It takes the route of the free Toowoomba City Council buses, making commuting a walk in the park. It is a safe place with a lower crime rate.
  • Mount Lofty: Covering the northeastern part of Toowoomba, Mount Lofty is a hilly scene with natural refreshments. Properties here have great views.
  • Crows Nest: This place is the best township you can ever find and is only half-an-hour drive from the center. The properties here are a bargain indeed.
  • Kearney’s Spring: The houses here take on the appearance of 1970s style and are suitable for families to move. Closer to the University of Southern Queensland, this place is filled with Japanese Gardens and stunning locations.


Toowoomba is also known for its quality education and health services. It is truly an attraction area with plenty of gardens and open farms. You must understand that Toowoomba is rich in heritage and culture. The Carnival of Flowers held in September every year must not be missed. Their employment statistics show a positive 93% of the population in employment. No wonder it is an ideal city for retirement.

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