Carreg Helps Clients To Sell Private Number Plates

Carreg offers private number plate owners the opportunity to sell their number plates through a new service that matches number plates to buyer on the Carreg database, if a match is found then the whole transfer procedure is handled by the Carreg team.

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Carreg helps clients to sell private number plates.

Staffordshire, UK. 12th April 2022. Selling a private car number plate is not an easy task, being an individual trying to sell a number plate can be an extremely stressful experience, especially when there are no clear ways of going about this, what is more of a problem for private sellers is the paperwork and all the legal requirements involved in selling just a car registration number plate.

In order to comply with the regulations that the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) have been putting into place it is essential that sellers are aware what is required by law in order for the sale of the number plate to go ahead.

UK market leader on the internet for number plate sales has looked into and come up with an exciting new way for private sellers to sell their private number plates through the new Reg Seller system sellers where all that is required is that the details of the private number plate to be sold are entered into the field provided and if there is a client of Carreg looking for a number plate like that entered into the system then a match is found and in some cases there will be an offer already placed in the system, then it is a matter of either accepting, rejecting or negotiating in order to sell the number plate.

If no match is found, Carreg have another tool for number plate owners to use the valuation form where the details are entered and a valuation will be made, then there are two possibilities, either Carreg may buy the number plate outright or they may offer sell the number plate on behalf of the client for a commission.

What route is chosen the client has no worries about the legalities of selling a private number plate as all the paperwork will be done by the Carreg team, who have nearly twenty years experience in the number plate sales business and are members of all the industry governing bodies and are DVLA recognized number plates dealers.

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