How To DVLA Private Number Plates Auction a Success

The DVLA continue to enjoy success with their deals of preliminarily unissued private number plates. The rearmost trade was held at Shrigley Hall, Cheshire on the 25th, the and 27th of April. flings were taken by letter, telephone, on line and of course in person in the room.

Top price paid was£ handbasket auctioneers commission transfer figure( approx.£ 31250 aggregate) for the number SSK 4 which is unexpectedly high as 1 JLT only brought£ 18500 net, but as anyone who knows deals will tell you, it all depends who’s bidding on the day. Other notable high prices were£ for 1 KPW and£ for KHA 21D( presumably because it resembles KHALID. 1 figures continue to demand high prices with the smallest being 1 DUJ, 1EEU, 1 JYK, and 1 YYW all at£ 4900.

smallest prices were£ 250 with the stylish value one of these being J21 JPW. Other genuine bargains in the lower price range were MOL 5S at£ 400, 22 DXN at£ 550 while 6 KRX at£ 900 and DES 1D at£ 1200 were enough sound purchases.

Most precious auto number plate must be OO07 Auto at£ 5600 whilst duty 1Y sounded to be the loftiest non name non auto related plate at£ 3400.

Unexpectedly unsold figures were 85 GF, NAS TLJ and PO55 UMS( no assizes in the followership also).
Total income for the DVLA( or storeroom if you like) was in excess of£ 4 million and as the DVLA don’t have to buy these figures, they around-issued figures that haven’t been used preliminarily this is nearly all profit.

The coming transaction of substantiated number plates is on the 4th, 5th and 6th of July and will be held at the Haycock Hotel Winsford in Cambridgeshire.A. roster can be ordered by calling 08000892222. You can bid in person, by phone, by letter or on- line but you must register in advance. If you’re bidding for a high reserve number it’s suggested you attend so you can absorb the whole experience which will make your number all the more pleasurable but flash back to set yourself a limit as numerous people get carried down and bid too important.

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