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Have you ever got a call starting with 240-503-9397?

An average person makes or receives a phone call around 5 times daily. In those calls, there might be a slight chance that they might get a call with an arrangement of a phone number very unfamiliar to them like a call starting with 240-503-9397. Telecom firms automatically presume everyone trying hard to contact someone in the country of residence, but there might be issues that can come across the communication barrier that one may deal with. These are legit phone numbers that are used by a great group of people from all over the world in a few specific regions. If you know a little much about the arrangement of these phone numbers you can easily say that this phone number belongs to a person living in Montgomery County, Maryland. Other than that, there are certain elements that we could discuss.

What does that prefix mean?

The phone numbers which have a similar arrangement as the one mentioned above follow the arrangement sequence of the North American Numbering Plan or NANP. The Bell System created the first area codes in the year 1940 and then it became the North American Numbering Plan. This numbering planning makes these types of sequences roughly identify a person’s location with the help of those area codes. Also, NANP is followed by the whole United States of America and 20 other countries and territories.

Parts of a Phone number

Each digit in the numbers kept on your phone serves a crucial function, even if you might not recall many of them. You reach the precise location you’re going for with each number you call. An exit code, country code, area code, phone prefix, and line number are just the components of a phone number in the United States and Canada. Using the exit code, anyone can make a call outside of their home nation. The country code serves as a unique identifier for each country. The area code is used to route calls over a wide area. The phone beginning is a smaller territory inside that region, comparable to a city. The phone attempted to call is identified by its line number. You can call a phone number with the NANP structure just by using ‘+1’, where ‘+’ is the exit code and ‘1’ is derived as the country code of the United States. 

How do different countries follow numbering rules?

It is found to be true to have area codes in the numbering system of a phone number in only a few places. US and Canada have the same exit code 011. In Europe, each country has its unique country code to create a distinction between them and the case is very similar for the rest of the world. There is no such numbering system that identifies states in a country. Only country code exists in places that are not part of NANP. Countries in Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe have their country codes. For example, the Country code of Japan is 81, Taiwan is 886, Germany is 49, Russia is 7, and Thailand is 66.

Safety Related Queries

Many people would be familiar with those sequences of phone numbers being in the NANP format. Still, there might be several queries from the general people everywhere in the globe who are unfamiliar with these arrangements and a phone number. People will not know about these sequences only if they don’t reside in the United States. They will have various questions about how it works with the general numbering system.

If you are not familiar with these numbers, that means you are not supposed to get a call like that from any person. You may receive spam calls from automated call centers that leave voicemails for their various purposes if you are receptive to many things. There might also be a scenario where you were supposed to get official calls from companies that are from abroad like for getting into a job or having an achievement. If you get such calls then it’s fine. But if not, then you must keep yourself away from such contacts.


A significant effort was made to enhance long-distance calling including the numbering system. It was subsequently known as the (NANP) and is still used as the benchmark for allocating phone numbers today. Aside from this, the general numbering system is running alongside it and can be cross-interpreted. We all are now connected to the world through telephony and modern technologies where people are so engaged that they can’t define many steps of their life without them. Nearly all of them have used telephony services and know what to do and what not to do. If you get an unfamiliar call like this, make sure to not fall into any trap of spam calls where data might be compromised.

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