How To The Source for Infiniti Cars Offers 0% New Car Financing You Should Know

Infinity lease programs and 0% new car financing are featured on The Source. Consumers shopping for a new 2008 Infiniti car can get the latest prices for Infiniti cars at The Source.
The Source provides Infiniti new car prices and 0% new car financing on select 2008 models in California. Infiniti car prices and lease programs are listed for California consumers on The Source.

Infiniti car prices and lease quotes are now available for California residents at The Source. Consumers living in California who want to learn about current Infiniti car lease programs and Infiniti car financing programs in California can visit the Source.

The Source in California can be found at:

Infiniti cars represent the perfect balance between luxury, comfort, practical value and consumer satisfaction. California Infiniti car shoppers know that cars like the Infiniti M35, have won rave reviews from the automotive press. For example, Consumer Reports awarded the Infiniti M35x the highest score of any sedan in Consumer Reports testing, according to the magazine.

New car buyers in California who are shopping the Internet for the best values can now visit The Source to get the best service and straight talk from California’s Infiniti dealer with the largest selection of new and pre-owned Infiniti cars.
See the latest lease pricing on a 2008 Infiniti M35x:

The Source in California has announced that Infiniti is now offering 0% financing on select 2008 Infiniti car models as part of their model year clearance program. This is the lowest financing rates ever offer on new 2008 Infiniti cars in California.

Steve Ruskin, General Manager commented, “This is the lowest Infiniti finance rate we have seen on Infiniti new cars this year. This is a great time to purchase an award winning 2008 Infiniti car in Santa Monica in California”.

In addition to great finance rates, The Source has announced that current Infiniti FX35 and FX45 car owners living in California can purchase or lease a new 2009 FX35 or FX35 vehicle and qualify for thousands of dollars of Infiniti Customer Loyalty incentives. Call The Source for additional information on this program that offers incentives as high as $4,000 toward a new 2009 Infiniti FX50.

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