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How To US Boat Works Launches New Website You Need Know

Veteran Kansas City boat parts and repair company, US Boat works, has been in the business for 30 years, but that doesn’t mean they are not savvy with the latest technology. The company recently announced an overhaul to their website that incorporates some cutting edge technology, making buying parts for your marine engine easier than ever before.

US Boat works’ website now offers a feature where users can view a diagram of the engine they’re using, click on the part they need right from the diagram, and have it added to their cart immediately.

“It is really a huge step forward in terms of the technology and convenience for the customer,” says Beth Tracy, spokeswoman for US Boat works, “We are beyond pleased to be able to offer this service to our customers.”

The technological leap is in line with US Boat works’ overall push toward a strong Internet presence, with active accounts on Twitter and Facebook offering special online-only promotions and maintaining a company blog with advice on boat safety and other relevant topics.

Long a fixture in the Kansas City boat parts and repair industry, US Boat works welcomes the changes the growing social media influence has had on business, rolling with all the punches and staying in the curl of the Internet wave. The result has been that US Boat works was recognized as Kansas City Boat Dealer of the Year for three years running, since 2011. The upshot is that US Boat works has combined the old with the new in a way that means results for both the business and the customer, leaving everyone better off and advancing the frontier of the business.

“US Boat works wants to work with the newest technologies to enhance the experience for our customers, not fight against change,” Beth Tracy says, “We believe that the Internet offers a great combination of reach and availability difficult to match in the brick and mortar store paradigm.”

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