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Tumblr Bot Launches to Help Marketers Get More Leads and Traffic

NinjaPinner is pleased to announce the launch of a new Tumblr bot (TumbleNinja) dedicated to assist marketers in getting more leads and more traffic. For marketing professionals, the use of this proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work. It saves large amounts of time, gets thousands of followers, and helps to generate more profit from the popular social media blogging platform. The website offers a free two hour trial so that trying the software before buying is as simple as sending email contact information.

According to a website spokesperson, “NinjaPinner leverages the Pinterest social network photo sharing site where millions of people go to set up accounts, pin photos about what they like along with interacting with others. TumbleNinja comes at the perfect time since Tumblr now has more than 110 million active blogs and users.”

TumbleNinja marketing software has many helpful features that make it attractive to marketers. There is the ability to auto-follow and auto-unfollow blogs, as well as the ability to auto-message blog owners. Blog posts can be set up to auto blog can be set up, reclog, set up, schedule photos or texts and to automatically like a monitored keyword list. These features provide the precise ability to target the audience.

TumbleNinja is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a nearly auto-pilot method for acquiring thousands on Tumblr followers. The qualified website traffic will significantly increase product revenues with a popular market presence and exposure. Because of the level of automation, users save countless hours of effort.

The best way to determine if this software is appropriate for a particular market niche is to take advantage of the free trial period offered by the website. The ability to test drive the features allows users to gather friends from comment threads, pin-boards and other search areas and to filter the users by a number of factors. Popularity and date range are just two of the filters available.

Learn more about the Tumblr Bot by visiting the home pages at today . Members of the press and others who have questions about the marketing software and the content of this press release are encouraged to use the contact information provided below.

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