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Introduction About Azaaya Spa In Gurgaon You Should Know

Drawing inspiration from the Thai tradition of beauty culture Ms. Sveta Pinene has unveiled Azaaya spa in Gurgaon/ Delhi – a spa with a difference! With her roots in Bangkok, Ms. Sveta felt the need for a salon that viewed beauty from a different angle; Azaaya spa was born! As director of the best salon in Gurgaon, Ms. Sveta has magnificently blended beauty with Thai values which can be seen and felt in its ambience as well as in their service. She also has a good background in the hospitality industry. With a strong penchant for providing the women of today conceptual beauty treatment, Ms. Sveta is a woman of substance; one who knows how to translate her dreams into reality. When asked why she chose Gurgaon as a location for her dream project, Ms. Sveta tactfully replied “Gurgaon is a corporate jungle. The routine and often stressful life of the women here leaves them with little time to enjoy the finer aspects of life. Azaaya spa is the right place for them to unwind and detoxify both mind and body with a rejuvenating spa. We have a whole range of services capturing the essence of Thai and western practice all under one roof, thus giving our customers a holistic experience.”

This newly opened spa in Gurgaon/ Delhi is only 6 months old and has already been rated the 6th best spa in Gurgaon, surpassing many of the already well-established spas in the area. This goes to prove that Azaaya spa has some of the best spa products and bridal packages combined with unique beauty treatments available no where else in India. Be it Swedish massage or body polishing, Azaaya spa gives you the unique advantage of high quality therapeutic beauty treatment infused with Thai values. Offering a wide array of services, their highlight lies in their approach. Riding on the fundamental principle that beauty is not just skin deep, they first analyze customers’ requirement and match it with what they actually need, based on which they prescribe a suitable package. This approach has helped many customers awaken to impending issues like obesity / arthritis / body toxins and getting proactively treated by experienced professionals at Azaaya spa. So, take advantage of this one-of-a-kind spa in your very own neighborhood; feel a NEW you with the best facial or massage in Gurgaon/ Delhi.

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